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That lonely feeling...

I'm siting on my bed watching Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun for the 30th time this month, wondering why Shizuku doesn't tell Haru that she loves him just as much as he loves her, and thinking about how I'd kill to have someone love me (romantically) and treat me like Haru does to her. Maybe it's because I'm bitter about still being single, or maybe that I'm a hopeless romantic, but it's understandable for me to think this way, right? Right?! 

 December is usually the time where I start to see the people around me go from friends to couples. It's nearing Winter, so people are taking the chance to grab the guy or girl that they call their boy/girlfriend to snuggle with under a blanket as they share each others warmth. 
There are two people in my sociology who recently became a couple, they're so cute together~ 
Then there is my friend who mentioned that she may or may not be getting with a guy she liked~ 
And another one of my friends recently got engaged! 

Love is truly in the air ~ 
But it feels kind of lonesome for me..
I love being single, because it means I don't have to feel like I'm responsible for anyone other than myself, but sometimes I think, it would be nice if I could have that one special someone to snuggle under the blankets with while watching Christmas films this December, or to have someone who I can go on dates with to the south bank Christmas market, or to just play video games together while its raining~ It's really random, but I've been having this type of feeling recently.. 

I like the idea of being in a relationship so I can do really cute things like that, but when someone shows any sort of romantic gesture to me, I avoid them for a while because I'm too shy to do press further haha! I truly am hopeless. xD

Until I can overcome that awkward part of me, I'll wait for my Haru to come greet me >.< 


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