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HAUL | First Impressions on Drugstore + Lush Products

Hello Again! 

I hope you've all had a nice start to the week! Today I present to you a post that was supposed to come out a few weeks back, but I never found the time to post it until now ^_^ 

I decided one day to go shopping on my own and get some new make-up because I've been feeling more experimental with my make-up and skincare routine, so here are the things I picked up while I was there and my first Impressions after using these products for 24+ hours!

Make Up

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner! £9.99
I bought this eyeliner because I'd seen nothing but good reviews on it from other bloggers. It's got a gel-liner like substance to it, and glides on smoothly, but It did take me a while to figure out how to get the product out! It stayed on my eyes for about 5 hours before I had to re-apply, so it's definitely not the best liner I've bought, not is it the best Benefit product I've used, but it's a good for precision. 

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer £6.49
I got the Meteoric Matte (307) shade because I recently lost my MAC lipstick that had a similar shade and needed something to replace it quickly. I was pretty impressed with this product, I applied it at 7:30am and it managed to stay on my lips throughout most of the day until I ate lunch around 1:30, and even then you could still see a tint of colour on my lips! It was extremely Matte, probably the best Matte lip products I've ever purchased. 

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick £5.49
I'll say this now, I used the special event Boots were having (2 Rimmel products for £10) and bought this on a whim. I do already have two Kate Lasting Lipsticks so I knew the quality would be good, so I bought a Matte version in the shade 107. As with all my Rimmel lip products, I was impressed! It glides on smoothly and doesn't leave my lips dry! 

Sleek Makeup CC Cream in Medium £8.99
Oh, this beauty. This tragic beauty. I love CC creams to the bone, so when I saw this product by sleek which caters to darker skin I jumped at the chance to get it! It wasn't too runny or too thick, and it was so lightweight that I had to check to see if I had make-up on because I couldn't feel my face sagging (I'm kidding! ^^;). Everything about this product was perfect, but it was too dark. Yes, the product was so dark that It made my face look burnt compared to my neck and arms. Luckily, It was the same colour as my mother, so i gave it to her which was convenient because she had already finished her foundation and was looking for a new one, so no money was lost! 

Benifit Roller Lash Mascara FREE
I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of, seen, or already owns one of these mascara's now, so there isn't much to say about it. It made my eyelashes really long and gave it some more life. I only really needed two coats to get the best result. It stayed on my eye lashes for well over 10 hours and I had to fight to get it off my eyes (Even when using my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!!). 

Nail Polish

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint £3.99 each
These babies are actual life savers. Gone are the days where I had to sit and wait for 5-10 minutes after painting my nails in fear of ruining them to do something else. Girls and Guys and busy schedules can breathe as Barry M has developed a Nail polish were we only have to wait about a minute or two for it to dry! I got the shades Full Throttle 1; a lilac/light blue colour, and Road Rage 3; a light bright pink colour. This product is good for those that want a great Nail Polish as good as Essie, but for a cheaper price. It's also perfect for spring and summer! I'll be rocking these two colours through the upcoming months, and may even get myself some more! 

LUSH Cosmetics Skin Care

'Eau Roma Water' Toner Water £4.99
I've heard countless times from beauty bloggers and my mother, but I never really saw the point in a toner. I thought "its just water though, right?" Oh how wrong was I? This was my first Toner so I was a little weary of the outcome and feared it would make my face break out, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel some good results. Instantly after putting in on my face, I felt hydrated and calm. It made my face feel so soft and it looked a lot more clear. Definitely a great investment! 

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly FREE / £3.50
This candy scented shower jelly smells amazing! I'm a sucker for sweet scented things so when the ever so lovely Lush Worker who I mentioned before on this blog gave me this product as a freebie I was jumping for joy! It's obviously really slippery to use, but its really bubbly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft! 

Mask of Magnaminty Fave and Body Mask £5.50
This beauty saved my life! Well, my face. The moment I put this on my face and neck I could feel it cleansing my skin rapidly. The minty smell is strong yet relaxing and makes me feel refreshed! I have a Rice Mask from the Food Shop which has been my go-to face mask until I bought this. This mask is keeper, but I'll probably go pick up different masks from Lush in the upcoming weeks! 

Sandstone Soap FREE / £3.40
Another freebie! I love the workers at lush, they're so kind! I actually haven't used this product yet so I can't give any opinions on it myself, but I received two sandstone soaps from them so I gave one to my mother, who now pesters me to go out and buy her the full one, so it must be good!  

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading my first impressions on these products~ 
Do you own one of these products? What was your first thought after trying them out? 
Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet! 


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