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Monthly Favorites (June 2015)

Hello everyone! We are already half way through the year!! I can't believe it's gone this quickly. I never really noticed it until I finished my first year at college. How are you all finding this year? I've had lots of ups and downs but so far, it's much better than the previous years..
It's been crazy hot these last few weeks here in the UK, London especially. Yesterday we saw 38 degrees which is the highest it's ever been, surpassing the last hottest day here which was 9 years ago! 9 years ago I was learning my 9 times tables!! It's crazy how hot its gotten. I have to leave my fan on during the night because it's 20 degrees all night and I can't stand the thought of leaving the windows open and allowing bugs to come into my room haha. Oops I'm rambling.. 

It's been a while since I've made a monthly favorites post!! Over the last few months I've been doing the usual eat sleep repeat routine and I didn't really do or try anything new. This month however has been a lot different and since college is over I've found the time to actually enjoy things a little more, so here are all the things that I obsessed over during the month of June ^_^

MANGA | Sailor Moon 
I was really behind on Sailor Moon Crystal due to exams, but I was able to catch up on all of the remaining episodes since then, and my love for the anime rehashed! If you read my MCM Expo Haul post a while back you would already know that I picked up an original copy of Sailor Moon because I wanted to complete the set. I've already read this Manga over 6 times now, it's such an easy read and I have no problems reading a story again and again and again haha! I've placed an order on the next few books so hopefully those will come in some time this month, I hope to get the rest of them at Hyper Japan this year too! 

GAME | Animal Crossing New Leaf 
NEW LEAFF! I absolutely love this game! I'll put my hands up with guilt and say that I am one of those people who neglected their town and villagers once Pokemon came out, and later on when Smash Bro's came to the 3DS, but this month I've really gotten back to playing it ^_^
A few villagers came in, and although my best friend Prince left, I've found a new friend in Bonbon who I adore! She's so adorable!!! I've been creating hybrid flowers since I wanted to change the look of my town, so most of my town is covered in rows of plants. I'm in construction again, but once it's done I'll release my friend code and dream address! Promise! <3 

RANDOM | Disney's Tsum Tsum
I've been really obsessed with the Tsum Tsum App lately, I'ts just such a fun game to play! Its somewhat similar to Candy Crush but with Disney characters. That's a little vague, but I may make a post dedicated to Tsum Tsum's later to explain it all. It's just such a fun game, and I can sit on my butt for hours playing this thing. I also love the little plushies that you can buy from the Disney Store. They have a huge range of Tsums from Pooh Bear and Friends to Frozen to Big hero 6! It's a really cool collectors item and so far I have about 18 Tsums! The three pictured at top are my favorites, Thumper, Marie and Daisy Duck! It's a little ridiculous, but they're so adorable and each one is only £3.50!! You can get larger ones for more money, but I just love the mini versions! 

SONG | Da-iCE - Billion Dreams

JPOP ALERT! I'll try to not unleash the fangirl in me when talking about this awesome group! Back in April, one of my favorite Japanese Male groups Da-iCE released a really cool single Billion Dreams and it's been on repeat ever since. It's just such a cool song that really gets you into the mood of summer. Every time I go out this is the first song that I listen to. It just really makes me feel like I'm about to start a good day! The other songs are awesome too, one of my current favorites is called Namida no Youryou (ナミダの容量) which is actually a Taiki solo. It really makes me happy to see him get a solo since he along with Hayate and Toru rarely get to sing in their singles. The other two also get their own Duo song called Eternally, while the last two members Sota and Udai sing in the rest of the songs as well as the A-Side "Billion Dreams". 

This is probably one of my favorite singles by these guys along with Toki, so you guys should really check them out! They're really awesome! 


LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub
Whats a favorites post without a LUSH product. Made by one of my favorite brands, this product is a gift from the heavens. I've been using this lip scrub more often now since it's gotten unusually hot in the UK during the past few weeks (we don't get summer often lol) so I'm constantly drinking water and applying chap-stick to keep my lips moisturized which is surprisingly quite damaging when you do it too often.  Honestly, it's the only lip scrub I use, its' just that good. All you need is a little bit on your finger tip and you just rib it on your lips to exfoliate them. You can eat the excess scrub, but since it's mixed with the dead skin you exfoliate I tend to just wash it off. The taste of strawberry bubblegum stays on my lips even after I've cleaned up, so I find myself licking my lips a lot afterwards ^^; 

MAC Lipstick in TWIG 
I'll put my hands up and admit that I joined the MAC lipstick hype. I wont lie to you when I say that I was extremely hesitant to buy this product due to its price. Why should I get a lipstick for £16 when I could get one that has a similar shade for a fraction of the price? Well, I caved in one day and was pleasantly surprised at the results! I bought this thinking it was Matte but its actually Satin and I must say, for my first lippy of this type, its a great one. The shade complements my skin tone well and it's got a kind of pinky nude colour to it. It's perfect to wear all year round so I've been rocking this lip for a while now! I am however still not fond of paying so much money for lipsticks, so I think buying MAC lipsticks will only be something I do when I feel like I deserve it. ^3^ 

ESSIE Nail Polish 
This nail polish was the best colour to make the transition from spring to summer, and I still wear it now. It's just such a light and simple colour that makes my nails look great and ready for summer. It's a nude type of colour with a hint of pink, but the more coats you apply the more pink it looks. Something I use this when I do a french manicure, but the tone of pink is great to have on its own. Essie nail polishes are honestly the best ones out there. 

Maybelline Pore Eraser Primer
My life saver. I don't think any of primer I've tried has been as good as this one has. It's texture is weird and kind of dewy but once you put it on your skin, it just glides on and sits on your face so well. It really does "erase" pores even with just a pea sized amount. When I put foundation or CC Cream on it keeps the make up on for up to 5 hours, 8 if I put powder on top of it. At times it does surrender to the heat and "falls off my face" when it gets too hot, but It can survive the wind and rain which happens more often in the UK so It's not too bad. I've actually finished this product and I'm not sure on whether I should try another Primer or continue using this one, I'll keep you posted on that one I've decided! 

Victoria's Secret Lipgloss 
I can't for the life of me remember what the name of this product is, but I do recall doing a mini review on it. It's become my go-to lipgloss now, especially since summer is here. I don't usually like glossy lip products because I can't stand the way the texture feels on my lips, but this one doesn't do that! It's keeps my lips moisturized and the shine stays on for hours on end without me having to re-apply. I got this during a sale in VS so I think I bagged a good find!

That concludes my July favorites! I really do enjoy doing favorites, so if I end up becoming obsessed with more products, I'll do another one! Until then, I'm going to try to cool down as much as I can, it's currently 28 degrees right now which is not something we Brits are used to, anything above 18 degrees is crazy for us! 

Did you see anything on this list that you enjoy too?
Leave me a message in the comments section or send me a tweet! 


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