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☆ Minae's Adventures - Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 2/3) ☆

Hi guys! How have you all been this week?! 
I've been incredibly busy sorting out my life these last few days, but I made time to post the second part of my Hyper Japan 2015 series! I hope you enjoy it! 

Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 1/3) - Hyper Kawaii, Culture and LIVE 
Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 2/3) - Meet and Greet sessions!
Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 3/3) - Hyper HAUL!

Hyper Meet & Greet

This was probably the most nerve wrecking and yet most exciting part of the whole event for me! I was so terrified of meeting all of the artists I saw, but at the same I knew that If it didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life!! I'm so glad I did though, I was able to meet so many great artists!

May J

The first person I saw was actually May J! 

I was so happy to see her because I've "known" her since 2010 lmao. She was so sweet and beautiful! I was starstruck! I didn't need to use my horrible Japanese so I could speak to her normally which was great! I asked her who her favorite Morning Musume member was and she told me, but I can't say who it was! I told her my current favorite was Riho and she said "Ahh, she's so cute!"
I was quite annoyed at how every time they mentioned her, they would say "The woman who sang the Japanese version of Let it go", I mean, I know that's something she's known for, but I felt like she's done so much more to be recognized for other than that. I let her know that I loved her songs as well as her MC skills on J-Melo, she thanked me and we took a few photo's together before I left!
I edited my face out because I looked so dazed it was ridiculous lol! She really is amazing!

Tokyo Girls Style

These girls are seriously so cute! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually meet them (because their meet and greet session was exactly before Dempagumi.Inc, and I had to stand in line to wait for them) but I was lucky enough to be able to interact with them  before they left! 

When they were preparing to head out, one guy standing next to me (probably a wota) called out to them and got their attention, so of course they looked in our direction and waved at us! 
Miyu was quite far from me so I was a little disappointed since she's my second favorite member, but my favorite member Mei was very close to me so that made up for it! 

I wanted to let them know how cool their performance was, so I let the guy next to me finish talking, then I shouted in my horrible Japanese "Your performance was amazing!", to which they replied with the generic "Thank you very much". 

I wanted a little more than that though so I asked them if they'll ever come back to the UK, and Mei replied "I want to!" so I said "I'll meet you in japan" and she was like "what?!" and laughed! Then they grabbed their bags and headed off! As Miyu got closer I shouted "MIYU KAWAII" and got the cutest little "thank you" back from her lol 

ONE NOT'E and Hiiragi Rio 

I was only able to see a little bit of One Notes performance since they were the first act (which I found a little odd since no one wants to listen to Jrock at 9am on a Sunday! xD), but they were really awesome! My friends and sister wanted to see them, so I thought "I've got time to kill so why not? 
I went up to the meet and greet line, which was fairly empty, which again, I'll blame it on the session being very early, a lot of people didn't know who they were because it was so early.

I went up to each of the members and got this towel signed for my sister! 

I also went to see Hiragi Rio! She was so amazing during her live session that I just really wanted to meet her and thank her. I wanted to thank her for performing because it was my first time dancing with wotaku in such an intense fan chant, and I had a great time! I wanted to say a lot to her but because of my bad pronunciation skills, I was only able to say a little.
 When I went up to her, it was the generic "Hi, thank you for coming!" small talk as she signed my CD. 
I was able to say "After watching you, I'm a new fan!" and she looked shocked then said "Ehhh, I was that good? thank you!" then I tried my hardest to say "Thanks for the great performance, please enjoy london!", and she replied saying "I will, thank you". I wanted to get a photo with her but the queue was long so they pushed me away lol, but she was so sweet and looked generally happy to have a new fan under her wing haha! 

These are the signed CD's and photocards me and my friend from Stage48 got from the Meet and Greet!

*Photo's taken by my sister*
I was starstruck at this band! They're all so cool!!! I really wanted to see them after watching their live session twice, so had to miss out on meeting Honey Spice which was disappointing.. I didn't prepare anything to say to them like with the other artists so a lot of my conversations where me pulling hand movements with basic japanese so that they understood lol

First up was Dye (Drummer)! I gave him my CD and poster to sign, but he kept staring into my eyes smiling! It was weird yet oddly amusing. He gave a ton of fanservice, but I was a little shocked at how cool he was, so i just stared back lol. I eventually told him that he's the coolest one in the group and his drumming was awesome. Daiki was sitting next to him, but he must have overheard because he went "EHHHH", as me and Dye laughed at him. Dye moved the CD and poster along to Daiki then took my hands, stared into my soul again then said thanks and winked! From that point on I felt like falling over LOL, he's golden. 

Then I moved along to Daiki (Vocal) and he was pouting while signing my poster. I was confused until he said in English "He's good than me (You think Dye is better than me)?". I laughed a little than said in Japanese "But your voice is better!" and he laughed and said "I KNOW!". It was hilarious talking to him, but I got pushed along to Show and Sai's table so I quickly said thanks and moved along. 

I got to Show (Guitarist) and couldn't stop staring at him! He was beautiful! As he was signing my poster mumbled "you're cute", and he must have heard me because he started laughing! I told him that I play the guitar as well, but he plays a lot better than I do. He said "was it good?" so I replied, "It was great!" and I quickly showed him a picture I took of him during the show. He looked shocked then laughed and said thank you as I moved along to Sai! Sai (Bass) was so timid and barely spoke during the live show and the meet and greet, so I told him he was cool and to enjoy his time in London. He thanked me then I moved along to the photo line! I was lucky to be in the front of the main queue, because it meant that I could get a group photo with all the members! 

Apologies for my horrible face lol! I puled the biggest derp ever because I was so happy! ^^ 


Of course I saved the best till last! 

Alright, so this was probably the most nerve wrecking M&G event I've ever gone too, but I'm so glad it happened because it was the highlight of Hyper Japan 2015! 

First up was my oshi Eimi, which didn't help my situation at all because I was close to fainting at the sight of them!! I was pushed towards her and she gave me the biggest grin as she shouted "HI" and shook my hand. I knew she was the energetic one but damn, I was in shock lol. As she was signing my CD, I gathered up the courage to speak to her and said "I'm your Oshimen!" and she pulled the biggest shocked face ever, thanked me and full on gave me a hug!!! I was literally stunned and close to tears, but I kept them in because I had another 5 members to get through lol. I asked for a photo and she was like "YES LET'S DO IT", but as I went for my camera the staff told us that there was too many people and we had to rush. We were both a little sad but I said "It's okay, this is more than enough!" and I told her to have a great time here. She shook my hand again and waved goodbye~ 

Onto Miririn~ I took a bit of time at Eimi so she had to rush mine which I felt bad for. I told her that she's a really hilarious girl and she went "Ehh? thank you!", I laughed and went onto Nemu! By this point I was already exhausted but I had no time for a breather! 

Nemu was such a sweetheart! I absolutely adore her! There was a lot of presents behind her and she was literally beaming! Before I even said hello she looked at my outfit and said "Kawaii", so I went "NO NO You're cuter!" and we laughed. She signed my CD and as she moved it along to Moga I told her "please enjoy your birthday!" since it was in a few days. She said thanks again and I moved onto Momogi~ 

Moga is actually my second favorite member, so this talk was a real treat! As soon as I went up to her she smiled and said "Hello, I'm Moga" to which I laughed and said "I know I know". It amuses me when celebrities introduce themselves to fans because it's like, I already know you! She realized that and started laughing too! She asked me for my name and when I replied she said "Ah, cute name!"  I said thank you as she was signing my CD. She seemed really focused on it and took a long time, so I was wondering what she was doing. I realized that she was drawing lol! I told her the drawings were cute and asked her if she's going drinking after she's finished working, and she replied "I want to!!" then we laughed, shook hands and I made my way too.. 

Risachiii!!! Risa is my third favorite, so I wanted to let her know how much I love her voice! She had the sweetest smile~! She looked at my outfit and said it was cool (I'm guessing it was because I was decked out in black and white ^_^) so I thanked her. As she signed my CD I told her that she sings really well and that I'm looking forward to hearing her sing during the live show (Dempagumi performed last on the sunday!). She said "Thanks, really! Thank you~" then I moved onto Ayane~

Pinky was full of life by the time I got to her! She shouted "HIIII~" and shock my hand really fast! She took my CD and started to sign it. As she was signing I asked her "Does your fringe really not move?" That was one of the few things I prepared to say to the members that I actually remembered to say, so I was impressed with her reply when she laughed then said, "Of course, it's like a rock"! We laughed a bit and then I told her she's only two years older than me, and she was like "Ehhh, I'm your senpai?" I got pushed away at that point, but I managed to shout out "Bye, PINKY SENPAI" and she laughed again while she waved back~ 


And that's all! 
I had such an amazing time at Hyper Japan and It was just such a fun experience meeting most of the artists that I saw during the weekend. I found two new artists that I now love (Lost Ash and Hiragi Rio), Saw artists that I've liked and respected for years (May J and Hoshiki and Toshi) and met idol groups that I've like since forever (Dempa and TGS)!! This is the true beauty of handshake events, not like my previous experience with U-KISS lmao

I'm really happy that my lack of Japanese skills wasn't too much of a problem when talking to them all. They all seemed pretty understanding, so I tried my best. I was only able to say a few things I prepared to say for each artist, but it still went pretty well I think. I can understand written Japanese and translate it to some extent, but my speaking is weak. If anything, this has made me want to improve my Japanese, especially my pronunciation even more! 

I want to thank Hyper Japan for allowing all the attendee's so experience meeting our idols for such a good price (£45 for the whole weekend!) I'm pretty sure that the next event will have even more artists, so look out for announcements on their line-up if you're interested in meeting Japanese artists at a Meet and Greet like this! 

I hope you enjoyed this very long blog post! Who would you like to meet at an event like this? Leave me a comment down below in the comments section! 

And don't forget to check out my previous blog posts~ 

The picture I took of Show and showed him lol


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