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♥ Minae's Life: Healing process ♥

Hi everyone~! I'm back!! 
I hope you're all enjoying your summer! It's already august which means some of you have already gone back to school/college/uni!! Here in the UK, I don't need to go back until the second week of September when my course starts up again, so I've still got a month to relax! 

Today's post will be a quick catch up, for me to tell you all why I went AWOL in a little more detail, and to let you guys know what I've been up to, so for today you all get to be a little nosey with my permission! xD

A few days after Hyper Japan (I haven't forgotten about that blog post! It's coming soon!), I had a few surgeries. The first one was for my ankle, where they had to shift my bone to the side because it kept brushing past another one which gave me constant cramps and frequent sprains. The next one was for my nose. I won't go too much into detail for that one (lol), but It was just a little operation to help me breathe better due to my Asthma, Hay fever, Sinusitis and Nasal Polyps making my body react badly this summer. The last one was on my teeth! I had to get a tooth extraction done on my first molar on the left side, as well as a filling 

Needless to say, by the end of the week I was a little knackered. The next few days had me bedridden with my leg propped on a cushion, tubes up my nose, and gauges in my mouth. The surgeries where all minor, and I healed pretty quickly. I was able to go back outside two weeks after my operations, and the only thing still giving me trouble is my tooth extraction since it takes 6-8 weeks to heal. 

To pass the time, I've been watching most of the Summer Anime this season, catching up on Hello!Project and 48group news, and watching shows on TV. I recently got into this show called Humans, and I started re-watching Eastenders because my mom watches it traditionally lol. I've also been playing Animal Crossing a lot more now, and I made the most of my time by playing Love Live School Idol Festival because their was a Kotori event!! Her SR card was beautiful so I tried to tier high and ended up in Tier 1 at rank 132 with 37k points (out of a good 80k players in the top 5 tiers alone) 

I was able to go out on the last week of July, so I met up with some friends~ They took me out to see Ant Man then to a restaurant at the O2 , and they payed my share of the costs (this is what you call, the best kind of friend lmao, if you're reading this, thank you Sophia, Jayson, Alyssa, and Ryan <33)! I also met up with my best friends Molly and Karolina, and we tried learning the choreography to the KPOP group Seventeen's Adore U! Molly gave me some money to spend on a Disney Gacchapyon (TYSM ILY MOLLY <33) and I got a Donald suction cup thing lol. It looks weird and gross but in a cute way ^^; We also went to a "beach" in the Olympic Park and chilled out for a bit~ 

Of course, I couldn't end the month without pampering myself! I think I overdid it a little~ I had the nicest long bath mixing bath bombs and bubble bars from LUSH together, then ended the day watching the Kyoukai no Kanata movie, Enchanted, and Tangled, with tea and biscuits like a true brit! image

Overall, my holidays so far haven't been special but there has been a lot more up's than downs which is great! I've finally finished chilling out and being lazy so I decided to get back to preparing for college and blogging during August, which is now!! 

That's all I have to say haha~ I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post.. I used to write little blogs like this frequently but I stopped doing it after a while, if you'd like to see things like this once in a while, let me know in the comments section~ Now, It's almost 9am here in the UK and I haven't slept yet, so that's what I'm going to do now~  


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