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COLLAB | Top 5 Summer Anime of 2015 w/ Alluring Alyss

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This is the third installment of my Anime Collaboration with the talented Alluring Alyss, where we pick discuss certain topics from various anime! This topic is on; 

Top 5 Summer Anime of 2015 

The Summer season has almost come to an end which means that the Summer anime for this season have just under two weeks to air their final episode! This season has gone so quickly it's insane, but I'm super happy that the Autumn season is on its way because tbh, I think that's when the best anime come out! 

Truthfully, I didn't enjoy a lot of the anime from this season, so I'm also going to be talking about anime that I have watched during this summer, but wasn't part of the "Summer 2015" bunch. Hope you don't mind! 

So here are my favorite anime from the summer of 2015! 
Note (I will update this post with my current and final ratings for each anime) 

Rokka no Yuusha - Currently on Episode 10/12 - Airs Saturday
First up on the list is Rokka no Yuusha! Now this Anime was pretty Interesting, while I knew that It was a Mystery themed anime where they try to figure out who the 7th Brave is, i didn't realize that the whole anime would be based on them trying to solve this "puzzle". I never read the light novel so I was completely out of the dark on who the 7th was (I still am lol). I love mystery anime like this because just as you think you've got it all figured out, something happens which makes you go "Wait...what?" and then you have to figure it out all over again! The Characters are all very interesting but they're all holding a secret of their own, so there isn't really anyone there you can trust. I recommend this anime to everyone who loves Mystery anime! 

Working!!! Currently on Episode 10/12  - Airs Saturday
This is actually the third installment of the original anime, which continues after the events of the second anime! It's a hilarious Slice of Life based on a group of teens and young adults "working" at a restaurant, following their antics throughout each episode. I personally enjoy watching slice of life anime like this because it's extremely easy to follow and I don't need to pay too much attention to it because it's not a story is any significant events. All the characters are pretty hilarious but my favorite character is Souma because he always seems to know what's going on with everyone, and he either tries to help out whenever he can, or laugh at the misfortune of others which I find hilarious lol. 
I recommend this to any one who loves simple Slice of Life anime! 

I don't even know what Genre to class this anime but I'll go with what MAL says and call it a Space/Slice of Life anime. This isn't part of the Summer Anime but I watched the second series of it during the summer!
It's based on a guy named Dandy who travels around the galaxy to find special Aliens with his Robot and AlienCat friends so that they can get lots of money. They like to frequent the restaurant Boobies and date cute girls, and they always seem to get themselves into the most awkward situations. Most people say this an anime where you have to watch it when you're completely high to understand it. I've never taken drugs before, but I seem to understand it just fine lol! This is probably one of the funniest anime I've watched all year, so I recommend it to people who love random funny anime in space? 

Currently on Episode 10/12 - Airs Saturday - This anime is Rated 18+ 
This anime is so funny! I guarantee that you will laugh out loud when watching this. It's about a guy named Souka who is trying to stop being dirty in Japan, where there is a law to banish all things hentai, from porn magazines to saying dirty words. He meets a girl who forces him to join her organization (SOX) and continue living the lewd life with her as they try to stop the Japanese government from turning their generation of students into sex deprived live stock. As you can tell from that description, it's pretty vulgar but it's mildly censored. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't enjoy innuendo's but if you do, you'll absolutely love this anime! 

Charlotte - Episode 10/12 - Airs Saturday 
This was probably the anime of the season for a lot of people and I can definitely see why. It's based on a world where very few children have the ability to use a certain power, the main character Yuu being one of them. After he is caught for using these powers to cheat in school, his life takes a rapid turn for the worst. This anime was created by the same company who made Angel Beats, Little Busters, Air, and Clannad, so you can already tell how this anime will play out, right? I don't really need to explain why I'm loving this anime so much then. If you love anime that will break your heart I highly recommend you watch this one! 

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed the third installment of our Anime Collaboration! Without realizing, it seems that all of my favorites from this season aired on Saturday! Who would have thought lmao. I personally cannot wait to see the season finale for each anime~ If you haven't watched anime of the anime above please give them a watch! 
If you're looking for an anime to watch, I recommend all of the anime here

Was your favorite anime from the Summer Season? Let me know down in the comments section below, and follow me to keep updated on this series! 

Also, don't forget to visit Alluring Alyss' blog and check out her list here


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