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Monthly Favorites (August 2015) + Announcement!

Hello All! 
I found my camera so let's just get straight to it! 

I'm posting this just before going to my aunts house to hang out with my family~ 
I didn't really enjoy anything from July enough to call it a favorite, which is why I decided to skip doing a favorites for that month, but during August I started liking a few things a lot more so here they are! 

Huawei Media Pad Tablet T1 10 in White 
My mum got this for me for college so I can write up documents and stuff! It's a lot more easier to carry this than my laptop and helps lighten the load in my bag so my shoulders thank me haha! I don't start my next year at college until the 14th but I've been using this a lot to browse the web. I still use my laptop for blogging and doing homework at home of course, but this tablet is just really convenient for me! 

The Comforter Shower Cream by LUSH
This was an obvious addition to the list! LUSH recently brought out their new set of products and I was extremely pleased to see that they have created a Shower Cream for one of my favorite Bubble Bars, The Comforter! It's my ultimate favorite scent from lush, so I picked up a batch when they first came out lol. It's a really sweet berry scented shower cream that moisturizes the skin so you don't need to cream yourself afterwards which is great for days when I'm on a tight schedule haha. Of course, I still love my bubble bars so I still use them on my pamper days! <3

Nail Polish by Essie 
I think I had this in my last monthly favorites post. It's been a great nail colour to use for this summer and I've gotten so many compliments whenever I wear it! I like to pair this with really vibrant colours like Orange and Baby blue, or sometimes pair it with nude and brown colours, depending on my mood. Since Autumn is on it's way I'll probably end up switching this colour for a darker nude tone, but it's been good to me up till this point!

Vaseline in Rosy Lips from Poundland
I needed a new lip balm after I lost my usual one and finished my back up one haha, so I picked this one up when I got dragged to Poundland with my mom. I actually love this lip balm a lot because it has a pink tint so I don't need to worry about my lips looking too chapped and colorless. This will probably be my go-to for college on days where I'm too lazy to prime and put on lip makeup.

Infinite Bracelet from my friends Molly and Tofa
I got this bracelet with my friends because they decided to be cringe worthy and get "BFF" bracelets lmao. I really like this one because I've had lots of "Best Friends" bracelets that look weird when its a half of a heart or when you get the side that just says "Best" or "Friends", but this one just has a little infinite symbol on it which is really cute. It holds the same purpose but with a little more meaning, and I can wear it almost every outfit! 

'Twig' lipstick by LUSH
This is still my favorite lip colour two months later! I wont say much because I already wrote about it in my previous monthly favorites post. What I will say is that it really goes well with my skin tone and the outfits that I wear, and it doesn't flake like a lot of other lipsticks do, so yeah, fave! 

Black pleated skirt by Primark
I got this skirt from Primark for about £8! It was a bargain because I've been wanting a skirt like this for a while, but everyone would be selling them for over £15 which did not sit well with me and broke ass, so I was happy to see this in Primark. I got a size 10 but it was too big so I had to get a size 8 which was surprising for me lol. I'm going to go back and get the burgundy colour just in time for Autumn~ 

'Milk' T-shirt from Forever 21
I found this top hiding chilling at the bottom shelf at the furthest corner in the store, it was £8 and looked super cute so I just decided to go for it! I got it in size small. The store manager at Lush complimented me on my shirt during the interview (spoiler) which was super cool! I actually saw a shirt that was similar online for £12 so I think I did pretty well finding this one! 

And that's it! I've already got a few favorites in the first 5 days of September so I'm going to enjoy making the next favorites posts! I go back to college on the 14th so I'm currently preparing for that! I'll let you know more about that in the next few weeks! 

ALSO! I have an Announcement! 
I realized that I've been pretty inconsistent with my posts so It's a lot harder for my readers you guys! <3) to know when I'm going to be posting something new! That's why I've decided to release a blog post every week on the following days~ 

Saturdays OR Sundays

So look forward for a post from me on any of those days! If I don't post on those days, check out my twitter to see whats up haha. 

I recently reached 30+ subscribers on blogger and average at least 100 views on my blog each day which I'm so so happy about! Thank you all for reading my pretty average life! Let me know if you want to read anything from me and I'll get right to it! Thank you all so so much <33333333  

Did you see something on this list that you like?
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