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Monthly Favorites (September 2015)

Hello everyone! How has you month been? I honestly cannot believe it's already October!! I love October for 3 reasons. 1) It's the "official" beginning of Autumn, 2) It's my birthday month (28th) and, 3) IT'S THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN! I'm so glad this month has begun, it brings me nothing but happiness so I can't wait to see what this month has to hold for me! 

But before I do that, let's look at all the things I loved during the month of September! To tell you the truth, I actually only had beauty products as my favorites for this month so that's all I'm going to be talking about in this post! Nothing else really stood out to me lmao, However, I will quickly write down a little list of the other things I enjoyed this month before we begin~ 

TV Shows 
The Great British Bake Off 
Strictly Come Dancing
Doctor Who 
(so pretty much everything from BBC lmao) 

Justin Bieber 

Books / Manga
After Dark - Haruki Murakami 
Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun - Volume 7

Rokka no Yuusha 

Now lets get onto the main post!

BB Cream from KIKO Milano 
 First up is this BB cream I got from KIKO Cosmetics. I actually got this to replace my Maybelline Baby Skin BB Cream (because they discontinued the one in my shade sobs) and I'm really loving it right now! I tend to use this when I'm going for a minimal look because it makes my skin look naturally toned and even colored. I picked it up for around £6 at my local kiko during a sale, but they sell for around £7-9. They also have LOADSS of shades so I would recommend them for POC who are looking for something close to their shade!  

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer 
Okay, I'm pretty sure I've had this in every single one of my favorites posts but I can't help it! Honestly no other primer that I've tried comes anywhere close to this one (even the Porefessional from Benefit!). It holds my makeup in place during the hot and cold weather throughout my day without smudging or "melting" off my face, which i've had problems with before using other primers. I've picked up another 2 tubes but I'm actually on the hunt to find another primer that's better than this one. If any of you can recommend any please send them my way!

 MUA Pro-Brow Eyebrow Kit
I bought this on impulse and was pleasantly surprised to see how well this works! It comes with a miniature tweezers and double sided brush applicator, wax, brow highlighter, and two shades to do your brows! I don't actually need to do my eyebrows since they're naturally shaped, but since buying this I've been using it a lot and I love how it looks. I think this was about £2.99 when I got this at Superdrug so it was quite the steal! 

Vaseline Rosy Lips lip balm 
Another product to make it back onto my monthly favorites list twice is my lip balm from Vaseline! Honestly It's been my savior on many occasions this month. When I'm in a rush to get to college I tend to skip a few steps in my makeup routine like doing my lips. It's ALWAYS cold in the morning's so I always carry this little tin in my bag so I can apply it on the my way to college. It keeps my lips moisturized for hours and gives a nice pink tint which makes it look like I'm wearing lipstick. Prices depend on where you get it from. I bought one for £1 and another for 79p so remember to compare prices to save money lool! 

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner 
This is a staple product in my makeup routine. It never lets me down! My friend Gbemi introduced me to this eyeliner a few years ago and It's become one of my favorite ones yet! I don't think anything comes close to it. It last's for more than 10 hours and the only thing I can use to remove it is my Garnier Micellar Water Cleanser. It makes my wing looks effortless and I can pull off a simple look with this too. I definitely recommend this product to all of you! 

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107
It's back just in time for Autumn, to be honest this one literally just made it onto my list since Autumn began during the last week of September, but hey ho. I used this colour on the second day o autumn and I instantly remembered why I loved it so much, it's a great colour to use to make the transition into the new season and I've been wearing it almost every day! It's not as "matte" as it claims to be but it's still a great lip to wear. You can buy this here, here or here

I love Raspberry and Blackberry Body Spritzer 
Time for the primark loot! I had a little haul in primark and picked up some really cool things. One of them was this body spritzer which I bought after reading a ton of reviews on it from other bloggers. It usually retails for £2.50-£2.99 in stores but it got it in Primark for £1.50 so this was another steal! I've really been loving raspberry scented products and this is no exception. I absolutely love this scent and it's kind of become my "typical smell"? I pair it with Lush's 'Comforter' and I swear the smell is mesmerizing! 

Primark Beauty Blender 
I found this sitting on it's own in Primarks make up section so I figured "if there is only one left then it must be good right?" and I was right! It's a great little blender and it does it's job right, it's a little rougher than the Real Techniques beauty blender but it's still a good blender in its own right, and it's so cute! 

Primark Lip Liner Pencils in 03 and 08 
I picked these up while I was in the queue and decided to give them a try and I'm so glad I did because they're really great! I got them form £1 each so i wasn't expecting much but I was once again impressed with Primarks own brand products! I use 03 (the darker shade) a little more than the 08 (lighter shade) which I rocked throughout the end of summer, but they're both great liners~ 

And that's all! I hope you all liked this little post! Have you tried anything here? I'll probably write a few reviews on these after I get through my huge backlog of "must review" items haha, so please wait for those posts! I've had a great weekend just sorting out my room and decorating things so I'm going to spend the rest of my sunday relaxing! 

What was your favorite beauty product in September? Let me know in the comments section! 

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