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Top Nine Love Live! μ's Girls Collaboration w/ Alluring Alyss

*Silly old me was supposed to schedule this post to go live alongside Alluring Alyss, but I forgot (Sorry!!) so i'm shamefully uploading it now haha!

Hello Everyone!
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 How have you all been this week? IT'S FINALLY SEPTEMBER! Everyone is going back to work or school/college and it's a overall exhausting part of the year for many people. I for one have been super busy which explains the lack of posts, but 'hopefully' if i remember to schedule my posts in advance, i can combat that busy schedule of mine haha! I've got lots of post to come so please look out for it!

Today's post is something that I haven't done in a while, since last year actually! You guys remember Alyss from Alluring Alyss Beauty right? Well, we've decided to do another collaboration post together, since we loved doing it so much! These posts seem to be quite popular on my blog, so if you guys enjoy reading them as much as we love writing them, let me know down below in the comment section below!

This particular topic is on...

TOP NINE Love Live! School Idol Festival μ's Members! 

Why top 9, and not Kami 7 or Top 10? Well, because there are only 9 members in the group μ's ahha! If you read my Kami 7 Anime Waifu's (also a collaboration with Alluring Alyss), you'll already know who my best girl is, but if not, no worries, you'll find out soon enough! Alongside my rankings, I'm also going to be showing you guys my favorite cards from the Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game, which you can find the download links to at the bottom of this post!

So let's get to it!


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Well, I'm not gonna say too much about this one. I liked her on first glance (shallow, i know), but once I watched the anime I quickly realized that her character was not to my taste haha. I feel like she was kinda stuck up throughout the course of the anime, and only seemed to open up half way through the second season. Don't get me wrong, I like her (I like all of them, honestly), but she just had that one setback which sealed her spot at the bottom of the pile for me this time around!

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Okay, fun fact: When I first started watching love live, Umi was my *best girl! Like with Maki, I like Umi a lot, but as I continued to watch the anime, I liked her less as compared to the other members. I don't want to give away too many spoilers just in case some of you guys have yet to watch the anime, but there was a particular episode *hint, ep 12* in the first season where Umi really got on my nerves, and this pretty much dropped her a few (read: many) ranks on my list.. bummer!

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Ahh, lovable little Rin! To be perfectly honest, I'm completely neutral to her. I neither love her of have anything against her, so she just sits in the middle of the pack. I think she's a pretty cool character, and I like how she's pretty much the *ikemen for the group.. I haven't watched Love Live! Sunshine yet, but I don't think Aqours has such a member (i think it's You, but i'll have to see). Rin does however provide me with some amazing Super and Ultra rare cards in the Love Live game, so i'll give her props for that haha~

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Another one who is just kinda floating around in the "neither love her or hate her" section. Just like Rin, she's a character I'm pretty neutral about, and I could rank them around the same level if I'm being honest, but for the sake of ranking i put her higher because I personally preferred the kind of personality and story line Eli had throughout the two seasons, as compared to Rin who i felt didn't really have an interesting story line. She has some of the best Ultra Rare cards, so that bumps her up a little higher too! HARASHO!

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And now we move onto the 'characters that I like a little more than the rest' section lol. Honoka ranks up at 5th place, from her previous spot of 8th this time last year. I don't know what happened really. I'm not the type of person to dislike a character just for being the main character (i know many people who hate characters like Sakura Haruno or Lucy Heartfilia for that exact reason), and I feel like Honoka is a pretty good lead. She's cute, funny, hardworking and never gives up, all the quirks you need to be the protaganist lol. I really love her antics with Hanayo too!

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NICO NICO NIIIII~ Lmao I had to. Nico is similar to Honoka where she started off at 9th in my ranking upon first being introduced to her in the anime, to quickly finding her way up into the top spots of my list! She's an idol otaku who dreams of being part of an idol group and creates catchphrases for herself. She fails her grades because of her love for idols and she always whines when she doesn't get her way. In short, Nico is me. LOL. To be fair, I think i'm a little more reserved about my love for idols while i'm in the real world, similar to how Hanayo is, which brings me too.. 

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DAREKA TASUKETEEEEEE!! That's is literally what I hear in my head whenever I think of hanayo, and it's only because of that reason, that I have this card as my favorite (or least favorite?) card! She's basically screaming "Somebody save me!!", but it's so annoying lol, I can't help but love her though. She's such a sweet and shy girl, but her love for idols is so strong, and her determination to become an idol is aamzing. I know she get's a lot of crap for not sounding great, but I don't really care about vocals when it comes to idols (I mean, I like for example lol), so her voice isn't an issue for me. I really love this girl, my little cutie rice ball~ 

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Nozomiii~!! Ahh I honestly ADORE this girl. She's just so perfect to me. Everything about her is perfect. I love her tarot card and horoscope reading (that's my thing haha), and her blatant love for Eli. I love how she always puts the other members of  μ's before herself. I love how squishy and cute she is. AND I love her screechy voice lol. Like I said before, vocals aren't an issue for me, i'm more of a personality type of gal (as my top 3 clearly show lmao). I see Nozo as the mother of the group (and Umi the father lol) because of her soft but playful nature. She's probably the hardest member to get in the game for me, she's more rare than an Ultra Rare haha, one day, I will have my dream Nozo card! 

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Well, we all knew this was coming haha! How much do I even talk about this little alpaca loving, photo bombing, kami goddess on my twitter? She is a literal goddess. A QUEEN. a saint. My one and only best girl. If I go on about how much I adore her I'll be here all day (but, you can check out this post where I break it down a little haha). I have a whole team in the game dedicated to all the Super and Ultra rare cards I have of her~ When I have time I'll show you all! 


And that's it! I hope you enjoyed looking at my top 9 members! As mentioned before, I would love it if you could check out Alyss' post too, and even give her a follow! She's a really amazing blogger and super friendly too! 

Best Cards!
(in order of least to best girl)

 #782 Sonoda Umi UR #815 Hoshizora Rin UR    #64 Koizumi Hanayo UR  #504 Minami Kotori SR idolized
#30 Minami Kotori R #1002 Minami Kotori UR 

I put the original Kotori card as my best card for Kotori because this was the very first card I picked in the game where they let you choose your teams "leader" or "center". At the time Umi was my favorite so i'm not sure why I picked Kotori, but i think it was fate because she's now my best girl! 

If you would like to play the Love Live! School Idol festival game click on your best girl!

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best girl - literally meaning "my favorite" or in kpop terms "bias" or for jpop, "oshimen". used quite often in the love live fandom 
ikemen - literally meaning "good looking man", however in the idol world, fans use this to refer to pretty girls who have a tom-boyish charm to them. 


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Thanks for reading! 

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