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a list of loves ; from january '22

The first month of the year can either be very eventful or very dull, filled with excitement or despair, and I guess I could say mine has been a mix of them all. Overall if I had to rate the first of twelve chapters, it would be a solid 3. It looks really shit typing it out lol but I like to consider it to mean the next 11 chapters will continue to improve as I write the new pages each day. 

Despite not really going out or spending as much, I still have a list of things that I really loved this month, and would love to show it to you :) 

♡ Before the end of 2021 (and when I had money lol) I bought a bunch of cute stationery from aliexpress! It was actually my first time ever purchasing from there because I've heard so many horror stories on the bad quality or being scammed, so I never bothered to try it out. I was initially going to buy a couple of stationery supplies on Etsy, but when I saw the same items on aliexpress for less than half the price on Etsy, I decided to give it a shot, and I'm so pleased with my little stationery haul! It arrived mid January and everything looks so adorable and my exact kind of aesthetic! I feel like I didn't spend a lot, it was a maximum of £20 worth of stickers/stationery, but there is just so so much! I love it all LOL. I also bought a couple more bits from StationeryPal that I found super cute! I have enough supplies to last me the next few years!

♡ My boyfriend gifted me a really cute and dainty jewellery stand after seeing my current one was broken! It's small enough to fit onto my vanity, the gold accents match well with my gold jewellery and mirror, and the white body blends in so well with my vanity and wall. I really appreciate it when people get me gifts that they've really thought about, and this is one of them! I only mentioned it once to him and he remembered and went out of his way to buy it. It makes me feel very considered and loved. He also surprised my parents with gifts that they both really wanted and instantly filled the house with happy spirits lol. I guess rather than the jewellery stand, it's my boyfriend's thoughtfulness that I love more haha. 

♡ I already mentioned it in my january idol playlist, but I feel I have to make mention of it again because I loved it that much. I've been listening to Riho's EP Reflection non stop since it's release at the start of the year. In fact, I've had her entire small but iconic discography on repeat for a while now. I really love when idols can graduate from being an idol, release their own music and have it distinctively showcase their image outside of the group. What I love the most about the album is how, despite it being a different vibe from Morning Musume's music during her time in the group, it perfectly shows who she was as an idol and who she is now as an artist. Some tracks still have that idol vibe like Lazer, and there are many trendy tracks like Butai or Winding Road, but overall it's such a solid body of work. Even if I wasn't an idol fan, I would still enjoy her songs :') 

♡ I haven't really had a favourite beauty product in a hot minute but ILIA's hydrating lip mask has been a god send during these winter months. During a very tragic flare up at the start of my trip to new york, I had picked up a few products to help soothe and mend my skin barrier. This one wasn't actually a part of the products though, it was just a random thing I picked up with ILIA's mini makeup kit during the black friday sales. I don't want to sound dramatic but this single-handedly saved my lips from agony lol. It makes my lips feel plump and soft for hours, something that only Burts Bee's could achieve for me, and to a lesser extent, glossier's balm dot com. I use this every day and it will most likely be the first beauty product I purchase this year, to get a bigger size! 

♡ Since I'm working remotely right now, it's given me lots of time to, you know, stay at home and watch tv lol! I've gotten through lots of anime, currently binging through Tokyo Revengers and demon slayer. I've also been watching suits since my boyfriend was interested in the law aspect of it, but I'm more interested in Megan Markle haha! I've been watching Gilmore Girls on repeat since being in New York, and it's definitely become a staple cosy winter re-watch for me. I'm on my third re-watch and I'm certain I can recite a few iconic lines at this point, my favourite being "who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals!" and "WHY did you DROP out of YALE!?" 😂 I adore Lorelai and Luke's relationship, and tbh this show provides me with so many romantic moments that I've kind of decided to live vicariously through them lmao. 

♡ After having my current phone case for over a year, I decided to switch it up and get myself some cute ones in my AliExpress order, and they're so adorable! I'm become a little obsessed with cute bears for whatever reason, and can't help but think it's just a revival of my love for bears growing up as a kid. I got a transparent bear phone stand which is perfect for watching tik toks and youtube in the morning when I can't be bothered to turn on the tv or sit at my desk. I also got a bear coaster for my tea, and a bear mouse mat! The key is to distance them so that you don't look completely obsessed haha!

♡ The last one on my list is a scent! During my trip to New York I picked up this vanilla scented perfume from Skylar called Vanilla Sky, and it smells absolutely divine! Rose scents are actually my favourites, but I've noticed that adding woody or vanilla scented perfumes as a base scent really amplifies the scent to give it a kind of sweetness that I can't describe. It's helped give me a signature scent that everyone recognizes as my own, and made me want to explore scents more! 

January wasn't the best month for me mentally, but these few things really did help boost my serotonin levels during the rough moments. I'll continue to be obsessed with them all going into the next month, but I'm excited to see what things I come to enjoy during the month of love~ 


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