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*RANT ALERT* I have flaws too.

*Sorry for the little rant. I just really needed to let this out because I lot of things have been annoying me lately and I had no where to express my feelings..

 I'm not perfect. I'll admit, I'm stubborn, hopeful, passive, ungrateful at times, rebellious and lazy all the time, and make the wrong decisions a lot. But those bad points are things that have helped me grow too, so I'm not going to lock them out of my life forever. If I wasn't stubborn and hopeful I wouldn't be able to achieve things I've wanted to do. If I wasn't ungrateful and passive I wouldn't have been able to clean out the people in my life who have hurt me or used me for their own gain. If I wasn't rebellious or lazy I wouldn't have been able to make my own decisions and go at my own pace. 
My flaws are what makes me who I am. I can't change them, and I can't control when these flaws appear, but when they do appear I take notice and try to fix it. When people use my flaws against me, It doesn't hurt anymore because I've learnt how to accept these flaws, overcome them, and fix them. I know many of my flaws will still be there especially when i'm upset or angry, but I can acknowledge where I went wrong and try my best to make amends because of my ability to overcome those flaws.
Assessing my flaws and trying to accept them is something that I actively try to do whenever I can because I know that in the long run it will make me a better person. I hope that other people will be able to do this too. 

Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to apologies for not posting regularly. I'm going to clean out my blog posts a little and revamp it so that I have 90% beauty and fashion posts, and 10% personal life posts. Please bare with me until then ^_^ 


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