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Super Sonico Figurine!

Im back! 
It's already August! This year is going incredibly fast. I can't say it's been the best year so far (2013 was so much better) but there has been moments of this year that has made me extremely happy. One of those moments would be a few days ago where I picked up something I've been wanting for a long time now. 

A Super Sonico Figurine! 
This figurine is the "Super Sonico Everyday Life Special Figure Talking Chatting Time" Edition! 
I got this on my outing to Hyper Japan, having the intention of buying ANY figurine, but I got lucky with this one as it was the one I really wanted and it was almost sold out. I also got it for £18 which is great considering the general price of Sonico Figures (and figurines in general)

Anyway, onto the picture spam! 

Photo-shoot time~! 

And that's it! 
I know this was a quick update but I didn't want to leave this blog hanging like I have done so many times before haha. 
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