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Had a bad day Haul

Hello everyone! 
A week or two ago, one of the teachers who directs the Business Studies department in my college made me really mad, and it lit a flame under one of the bad yet good things I used to do when I was angry, which is go shopping.. 
Yes, When I get really angry, I tend to have a "fuck it all" attitude to life and just do what I want at that moment in time. Unfortunately for me, I like to shop, so that's what I do when I'm angry. 
Or maybe it's a good thing, because I get lots of cute things when I'm in that mood! 
But I lose a lot of money, so I need to manage myself better from now on... 

Looking back at all the things I got, I thought "why not show all these cute things to my readers?" so here I am, about to show you all xD 

I seem to be having a little obsession with LUSH recently.. 
I bought myself three bubble bars, a shower gel and two bath bombs.

I was lucky enough to get a Candy Mountain bubble bar and a Lush Cinders bath bomb that they sold to me for half the price because the Christmas season is over. I also got a Creamy Candy bubble bar, a Pink Fun bar, and a Twilight bath bomb! 

The shower gel I bought is called "Prince Charming" and it smells absolutely divine! It's part of the Valentines Day products so grab one while you can, they'll all be gone by mid February!

*Tip: If the seasonal goodies have stopped selling, your local LUSH may still have them in stock so ask them if they can still sell some to you, you may get lucky! 


I've been wanting to get something from Soap and Glory for a while now, because all my other products finished last summer. I finally got round to doing that, so I picked up a Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath, Clean on Me Shower Gel, and a Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. I was actually supposed to by a lotion instead of a Bubble bath but I stupidly picked the other one up instead (probably because I was too angry to think lol). 

I also got the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water that everyone on the blogosphere has been raving about (I may do a review on this later!), and got another bottle of Maybeline's Baby Skin Primer because I ran out of the last bottle back in December. 

Other things 

Lastly, I picked up two really cute pink bra's from Primark for only £2.50! It was a bargain and they looked super cute so I figured "why not". I also went to Waterstones and got "My Little Monster" (Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun) and Awkward silence. 
I picked up Tonari because I fell in love with this anime, and chapter 5 roughly picks up from where the last episode of the anime left off. Awkward Silence is actually a BL (Boys Love...aka Yaoi) that was recommended to me by a friend so I figured I've give it a shot. 

That's "all" I got that day. After I can home from shopping I ate my pizza, watched some anime, then cried in my mums lap out of frustration.

Two weeks later, I'm feeling pretty okay, really great in fact. I escaped business studies (which I will explain later) and I still have all the cute things in this post to try out and wear and read, RESULT! 

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. I've been revising for my Sociology mock exam and recently finished my Fashion mock exam, so I've been pretty beat these last few days and just needed a bit of chill out time. 

There wont be a ☾Leimotif☽this week because it's replaced with this post that was well overdue. The one planned for this week will be out next Sunday so look out for it! 


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