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☆ Minae's Adventures | Trip to Victorias Secret! ☆

Hello all! 

I present to you yet another delayed post that was supposed to come out in the beginning of January. To be totally honest with you all, I feel like I've "finally" started the new year. January was filled with transitions into new classes and meeting new people, as well as ending relationships with many people I've known for years. I also had to completely revamp my daily schedule to fit in exercise hours, new college time table, and other general stuff, so now that I've got the hang of it all I feel like I've officially started 2015 today... a month after it actually started xD

A few weeks back me and two friends decided to take a trip to Central London because "WE HAVEN'T BEEN THERE SINCE LAST YEAR" which was at that point, literally only 4 days into 2015. I went to many places such as my beloved Oxford Street, Bond Street, Leicester Sq, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster, Waterloo, Hyde Park, the list goes on. 

Towards the end of the trip before heading home, we decided to go to Old Bond street. What I'd forgotten was that Old Bond Street houses the UK flagship store of Victoria's Secret!!

When we turned the corner and looked ahead of us to see the store glowing so brightly in the winter night I went absolutely mortal and immediately started dragging my friends towards the store to see all the stunning products they were selling. 

A few weeks before our trip there, Victoria's Secret just finished their annual fashion show which was held in London, so we were able to see most of the outfits that they wore (WITH THE WINGS) hung up or displayed all over the store. 

The way the VS display their lingerie in stores, so simple yet effective. Even with all the cute bra's surrounding the mannequins, the main pieces stand out so well and look great!

This was the outfit from the PINK section of the fashion show.

I loved the way this was displayed. It looks to cute yet sexy at the same time. If I had my own house I would layout my perfumes and body mists like that

I didn't buy anything from there, because the two things I was actually looking for (a VS Makeup bag, and Pure Seduction body mist) was out of stock, which is understandable because It was just after Christmas! 

One thing I was surprised to see was Miranda Kerr's photo still hung up at the check out desks? I thought she wasn't a VS Angel anymore since she didn't take part in the Fashion Show 2 years in a row. Nonetheless, I was so so so happy to see her there because she's one of my favorite VSAngel's and favorite Model! 

What blew me away was that this store was 3 stories high, not including the Pink section which had it's own floor. So 4 floors in total?! I wanted to buy every single thing in stock and then some. Overall I had a really fun time at the store, and will definitely be going back there soon! 


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