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Back to School Series 2015: ♡ Minae's Wishlist ♡

Hi Everyone! I'm back with the second part of my Back to School series! 
To tell you the truth, I was going to call this series BTS (Back To School), but then I remembered that the KPOP group BTS would be the first thing people think of if I made it like that haha~ 
Anyway, School/College is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!
I know, it's a struggle, but we've got to make sure that we're prepared to start up our schedule again. One thing that I always tell myself to do early but never follow through with is collecting all of my Back To School supplies. I always leave it until the last few days and start stressing out because I can't find any of the things I need to buy.
I swear to myself "I'll do it earlier next year" but it never happens! That's why this year, I've prepared myself and set up a Wish List of all the things I want, need, or would like to have for school!
Next up on Back to School 2015 - My College Wishlist!  It's a mix of boring generic school supplies and sure cute and cool supplies too, here are a few of them from my wishlist! 

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And that's all! I hope you like the things in my wishlist! I've only gotten 30% of the things on my wishlist right now, but that's more than last year so it's a good start! I've got just over 2 weeks to get myself back on schedule in time for college, so hopefully all goes well! 

Did you see anything you like in this little wishlist?
Leave me a comment down below or send me a tweet! 

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