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Back to School Series 2015: Minae's Declassified School Survival Guide!

How are you all doing today? I hope you're enjoying your Sunday~! 
I'm back with yet another Back to School post. Yes I'm churning these out daily and I'm really pleased about it! 

This is a post that I've been wanting to do for a while now, so what a better time than to do it now while I'm my Back to School series is running! To be honest though, I think a lot of things on this list can be taken as tips for going to Uni and to Work as well, not just High School and College, since most of the tips are really easy to do and doesn't take much effort at all! 

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So enough rambling, let's get straight to it! 

♡ The Night Before 

Pack your bag & Set out your clothes. Make sure you know what your schedule for the next day is and pack your bag accordingly. Picking out your clothes the night before saves you the time of thinking about what to wear in the morning. 

Write a list of things you need to do the next day. Self Explanatory. I tend to do this while I'm in bed (before I scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, in that order), so that when I wake up it's in my mind, and I have it written down in case I forget something throughout the day. 

If you've got time, make a grab and go breakfast and lunch. You could bake NUTRITIONAL Cookies, Flapjacks, Granola Bars, and Muffins (15-20 mins each), Overnight Oatmeal, and Breakfast Burritos! Check out Pinterest to get lots of great recipes and ideas.

♡ The Morning 

Open the Window and Curtain! The brightness of the sky and the sun will send a message to your body to wake up, and the air will make you cold enough to shower quickly and put on some clothes! 

Multitask in the bathroom. Brush your teeth & Wash your face in the shower, Use a 2 in 1 Face wash & Toner for your face and a 2 in 1 Shower Gel and Lotion for your body to speed up the process. 

Use easy to apply make-up. Brows and Eyes take a lot of time to do so try to speed up the other things, for example, Switch your foundation and concealer with a BB Cream that does it all. Use a lip product that moisturizes, tints and leaves a shine on your lips, even better if you can use it as a blush.

Watch a show with a timer at the bottom of the screen while you eat. I recommend watching a breakfast talk show, they tend to have clocks at the bottom of the screen, and let you know the weather, pollen count and current events on a regular basis. 

♡ The School 

Try to make it to school at least 5 minutes before lesson starts. That way, you'll be on time. Being on time means you'll be there for the start of the lesson. That means you'll know exactly what's going on in the lesson, and if you don't.. Ask a teacher :) 

If you buy your lunch out of school or in the canteen, get lunch during your break time. This saves you the time of waiting in queues to get your lunch during lunch time, and that also means more time to hang with friends and get some work done if you need to.

When you finish your lesson, put those books at the back of your bag, and your next lessons books in front. If you have time to run to your locker (if you have one) do it! 

♡ The Afternoon 

Have an essentials bowl near the door of your room, so the moment you enter your room you can throw your Lanyard, Keys, Earphones, Travel Card and other random things that you absolutely must have with you at all times into the bowl.  

Relax and Refresh. Take off clothes if it was hot outside and you broke out into a sweat (hey, it happens!), change into some light house clothes so you don't feel gross. Clean your face and freshen up. Take a minute to breath and relax for a bit, maybe watch Bee and Puppy Cat. 

Do whatever homework you have, look back on the work you did yesterday, read through a bit of what you'll be learning the next day, try to do this before dinner.

♡ Other general tips 

On the first day: Try to make friends! It's hard to do this on the first day, but just remember that everyone is nervous and shy, and it takes a while before you can all open up to each other, but try to make the first move and say hi to someone, they could be your soulmate! 

Carry a water bottle and an essentials kit. Staying hydrated keeps your face looking good and your body working good, your mind works better when you're hydrated. Also keep a mini kit with you to put medication (if you need it), hair bands, hand sanitizer, and pads, just in case! 

Prioritize your time! You can find out what happened at Ashley A's party another time, but right now there is a extra Biology class that you should really go to! 

Find a Study Buddy. This helped me out a lot when I was in High School, and although pretty much all of my college friends were joint study buddies, we still buckled down and got work done when needed. Help your friend out and they'll help you! 

Be Yourself. It's an obvious cliche to end on this note, but this is so true. Don't try to be someone your not. It's okay to change yourself but only for the right reasons. Dress the way you want to. Talk to people who make you feel happy. Do the things that you think is best. Love yourself. 

And that's all folks! This one, once again, ended up a lot longer than I expected~ I hope you enjoyed reading! A lot of the things I wrote are pretty basic things that most people do anyway, and this is pretty much my college routine haha! 

What do you do to survive the school year?
Leave me a comment down below or sent me a tweet! 

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