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Back to School Series 2015: Whats in My School Bag?

*Note: I was supposed to get this uploaded by 7:30pm (GMT) on thursday as promised but It seems I didn't schedule it like I thought it did lol. Oh well, here it is, enjoy!

Hi everyone!
As you can see, I just remembered that I didn't complete the last two posts for my 5 part back to school series.. and I started college almost 2 months ago.... HAHA! Let's pretend we're back in September okay?

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Today I've been busy sorting out my fashion coursework! We have a half point deadline which is next money so I've been working hard these last few weeks to get the best results because it will be my predicted grade! Because I have a lot of materials to bring into college to get my work done, I have to keep organized and carry multiple bags which can get a little tiring when you have to carry everything for 5 days a week.

This post is pretty self explanatory, I'm going to show you all the things I carry around with me in my school bag!....or college bag.. whichever you prefer lol. So let's get straight into it!

I carry my bag pretty much everywhere I go to college. As much as I would like to use a locker, I don't think I would use it often as I tend to go straight to my lessons or use my free's doing work, so everything just stays in my bag so I can use it whenever I please. I carry my two A4 notebooks for my English Literature and Communications courses, and depending on what materials I need I'll bring in my clear file folder. In English we're currently analyzing Poems of the Decade and reading A Streetcar Named Desire. I like having class discussions after reading each scene because everyone interprets a quote or scene differently. Of course I need to carry around a pencil case! My Tablet was a gift from my mother. I use it when I need to search something up in class or if I want to take notes when the teacher is talking way to fast for me to write everything out lol. My Camera was a gift from my dad. I use this to take photo's of anything I find that looks pretty so I can post it on my twitter, tumblr or instagram~ My adorable planner is actually a study planner! It's got all these cool study tips, time management, and self evaluation sheets that really help a lot. I tend to keep a book at hand too, I'm currently re-reading After Dark

As a Fashion student, I need to keep a record of all the work that I produce so I carry around this A3 portfolio and case. It's a little heavy but I got used to the weight lmao.. I also have a A5 notebook to keep track of all the things that I do each day and to remind myself of what has been done and what needs to be done. I also use it as a space where I can write up any ideas or techniques that come to mind when I'm not near my portfolio or an art space where I just get my ideas out. The little Victoria's Secret pouch used to hold my make-up inside of it, but It's temporarily my needles and thread case until I can get a new one haha. It's really cute though~!!

This big pink thing here is what you would call my life saver haha. It's a bag organizer which.. we'll it's pretty self explanatory lol. Everything is packed neatly into place for me so that I don't need to scavenge through my bag to look for anything. I keep my make-up, hand cream, deodorant, tissues, body mist, an extra pen, business cards, a mirror and my inhaler in this pouch. I also put my Phone and my Purse in here too!

And lastly here is my pencil case! I actually got this pencil case from my mum, who got it from Virgin Airways first class flight. It's supposed to be for holding your cleaning/body products like cream and toothpaste, but I turned it into a pencil case because it looked really simple and chic. 
My pencil case holds everything I need. I don't like to carry things that I won't ever use, only to take up lots of space in my bag lol. I carry a few pens, random HB pencils for Art, a few highlighters, a ruler, glue, scissors, rubber, sharpener, and a few sticky notes.

That's all! Unlike the years before, I decided to go for a more simple.. mature kind of look. I swapped out a lot of my colourful stationary for simple pieces from muji, and my bags and books are all black now too. I just like how everything is simple and not too overbearing. I'll leave all the cute colours to my room! 

What do you carry around with you to college? Leave me a comment down below! 

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