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COLLAB | Favorite Anime to watch on Halloween w/ Alluring Alyss!

Hi everyone! How are you all doing today? 

I had my Formal Assessment for my Fashion course, which is when my teachers give me a predicted final grade. These grades aren't final and can be changed depending on how well we do throughout the course. My current teacher set me a predicted grade of a B which I'm super happy about because this means I'm working on a B grade and can only improve from here! I've gotta work a lot harder though so please bare with my delayed posts lol...

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Today's post will be about, as the title says, My favorite Anime that I like to watch during Halloween. Now, I don't actually watch a specific anime during Halloween...I tend to watch halloween films of some sort (not horror ones though). I don't like being terrified out of my skull, I like to watch creppy things but not to the point where I'm crying and thinking about it while trying to sleep lol.. Anyway, as this is a collaboration with the wonderful Alluring Alyss, I want you to check out her favorites right now! Go on, click on the little spooky pumpkin's message down below to read her post! 

Now, let's get straight to it! 

Blue Exorcist 

The first one up on this list is Blue Exorcist! This is something I actually watched a few years ago just before Halloween and I loved it. I won't lie, it's not scary at all, but it's a fun thing to watch if you're like me and don't like watching horror stories or anything that freaks you out hahaa. 

Seraph of the End

This is a fairly recent anime that came out only a few months ago but it's actually pretty good. It's probably the only Vampire themed anime that I watched through the end without being bored as hell lol. The characters are pretty generic but the story line itself is quite interesting to watch so I would recommend this to you if you enjoy Vampire themed anime! 

Elfen Lied 

This is probably as scary as i gets for me then it comes to Anime lool. I couldn't actually finish this anime because I was too freaked out.. To be fair, that was only a few years ago I think I could actually watch the whole thing if I was to watch it all now. I don't think I even need to recommend this one, if you like horror, you've probably already seen this! 

Tokyo Ghoul

Ahhh... how could I not include this gem in a post like this? Tokyo isn't that scary, I won't lie, BUT it's got a few gorey scenes (if you watch the uncensored version) which are kinda freaky to watch (the end of season one.... END OF SEASON ONE!!!! /barfs at kaneki's leg..). The story is more tragic than sad, but it's still a very fun show to watch during the Halloween season! 

School Days 

School days fcked me up haa. I was expecting a cute girly anime and thinking back, I feel a little stupid to think it would just be about the characters school life throughout the entire anime series lol. The series isn't really scary until the last few episodes, and It's got a lot of sex scenes too.. I recommend watching this I f you want to see girl get the most twisted revenge over something so trivial lol.

And that's all! I hope you all enjoyed this little anime collab! Please look out for the next one and make sure to check out Alyss' own version of this post! 

What Anime do you like to watch during Halloween? Leave me a comment down below!

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