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Hello Everyone! I have a lush haul to show you all! 
In my last post I mentioned going to lush and well, here is what I got! 

As you all know, I adore lush products so I took two trips to Lush in the past week to stock up on my stash since I'm all out of the Summer collection and I'm so happy with all the things I got! I'm almost certain that all of the products I've gotten are part of the Christmas line except from the Soft Coeur Massage Bar, so they're all still available in stores now! Here is a rundown of what I bought!

Father Christmas | Bath Bomb
How could I not get this product? It's a staple Christmas product and a fellow lushie such as myself could never pass up the opportunity to get the product! The first time I used this product, I judged the outside of it and thought that it would turn my bath white and red, so I was pleasantly surprised when it came out green! Every time I use this product it never fails to make my skin feel silky smooth! 

Butterbear | Bath Bomb
So I picked up this product simply because of how cute it looked! I have yet to use it yet but I've heard great things about it from my friends. I smelt vanilla when I gave it a whiff in the shop and that pretty much sucked me in! I get the feeling that this product would be similar to So White which I've used and loved so if it's anything like that I'm sure I'll love it! 

Snow Angel | Bath Melt
One word, GLITTER! Literally everywhere, and I haven't even used the product yet! I was reminded of the Golden Egg bath melt when I touched it because my hands where instantly covered in glitter even after I gave my hands a good scrub! Nevertheless, it smells divine and the design is so cute! I can't wait to give this one a try. 

Dashing Santa | Bath Bomb
This is another one that I used last year and loved! When I used this product It reminded me of how my mother always juices and dries the fruits for the Christmas cake and wine during early December (before she adds tones of sugar in the mix.. because hey, it's christmas!), it smells exactly like that! Like the Father Christmas bath bomb, this one leaves my skin feeling so smooth and when I use the bomb a night, the citrus scent stays on my body the next day!

Rose Jam | Shower Gel
Okay, when I smelt this I was blown away by the scent. It smells like berries and roses and it's just so amazing! I was making a bee-line to Snow Fairy when I saw this and thought "why not get something different". I haven't used this one yet as I'm still trying to get through my Comforter bottle, but I'm so excited to use this!

Soft Coeur | Massage Bar
This little massage bar is a god send! I've been using 'Shimmy Shimmy' for a while now and although I adore that Massage bar, it always made my skin too shimmery and it wasn't practical for when I went to college (although it does make for a great highlighter!). This one is similar, just without the shimmer lol, and smells so amazing! It makes me feel really regal and elegant whenever I use it haha

Santa's Belly | Shower Jelly
It's only after reading this that I've realized that Santa's Belly rhymes with Shower Jelly lmao. The last Shower Jelly I bought was Sweetie Pie and I loved it! This one smells a little like Red Wine which I love, and it's so bubbly! I've only used it twice but I'm really enjoying it! 

Rose Jam | Bubbleroon
So, after grabbing the Rose Jam Shower Gel, one of the sales assistants told me about their new bubble bar (which they call a Bubbleroon for some reason?) so I picked this one up too! It reminded me a little of the Comforter bubble bar which I ADORE so I'm excited to try this one out! I'm saving it for a special occasion haha. I don't think this is part of the Christmas line, but the new lush line in general!

Peeping Santa | Bubble bar
This little adorable bubble bar was a random buy. I bought it simply because it looked cute and the little eyes looked like chocolate chip cookies lol. I tried a bit of it at the lush store and the water turned blood red! It had a nice balance of citrus and sweet which i love so I can't wait to use it soon!

5 Gold Rings | Bubble Bar
Another one of the //GLITTER// pack. This one is times 5 though. It definitely wins for the most glittery product I've ever bought from lush in my life!! To be honest, I only got this one because well, it's 5 GOLDEN RINGS?! How could I walk past it without getting one? I haven't tried it yet.. but i have a feeling that even if it's bad, I'm still going to enjoy using it simply because I get to say "FIIVEEEEE GOLLDEENNN RINNGSSSS" every time I use it lol. 


And that's about it! 
What's your favorite LUSH product from the christmas range? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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See you next time!


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