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ONE OK ROCK in London 2015! (Blogmas Day 9 and 10!)

Hello Everyone! This post is coming at you all a little late (really late lmao) for more reasons than one but no matter, IT'S HERE! 

If you followed my snapchat or twitter you would know that I went to ONE OK ROCK's concert on the 9th December! I've been a fan of this band for a few years now so I'm so glad I got to experience listening to their music live! The concert was originally scheduled for the 10th December but due to faults in the venue's building (the venue has been closed until further notice) they had to relocate to The Forum at Kentish Town, which I didn't mind at all since I'm rather fond of that area and the venue itself lmao~ 

I went with my friend Molly, although she got there hours before me so I met up with her around 4pm-ish.. She was lucky enough to see the members go into the building and get a photo with them!! I was jealous lol but soo happy for her! We waited a few hours in the queue (which we were right in front of hell yeah!) before they let us inside at 7pm.

The concert started off with two opening acts, one named "We Came As Romans" and the other called "DEAD", they were pretty amazing! I wasn't expecting another opening act after WCAR so I was surprised when DEAD came out to perform too. They were great though, so I made a mental note to check both of the bands out on youtube when I got home (which I ended up not doing because I was so knackered lol, I watched it the next day though lol). Although the opening acts started at around 7:30pm, they didn't finish until 8:30 which is when ONE OK ROCK came out, so I felt like I was at a festival or something lol. I loved it though, I personally thank ONE OK ROCK for introducing me to these bands! 

The moment they actually came out was probably the worst part of the whole concert. Just like that, a huge wave of people swarmed me and molly so we got battered lol.. People were trying to squeeze towards the front (where we were) so we ended up being pushed from all angles with camera's and phones shoved in our faces. Fun. It died down after a while and after the security guard told the people 5 times to stop pushing me, the concert finally started to become fun! Taka (singer) was jumping around everywhere but since we were right in the center,(yep, we were front and center, double hell yeah!) we always saw him and when he actually stayed in the middle, we got the BEST close up shots of him singing down to us like the GOD he is! 

Aaaannnddddd then it got rough again. LOL what should you expect from a rock bands' concert? Taka decided to stand on the railings and sing to crowd, and it was at that moment... me and molly received a grim reminder... 

We got squashed. 
I managed to survive the attack on my humanity, but poor molly didn't and got trampled on (literally). She had to get pulled out, which took a lot of effort because I spent the next few seconds screaming at the security guard to let them know that she was hurt and needed to climb over the railings to safety. After what seemed like eternity, they finally pulled her up and she say freedom! Unfortunately for me, I was stuck in the huge mess that Taka created and I had to scream (again) at the security guards and beg them to let me over the railings so that I could be with molly because hey, how could I enjoy a concert when my friend's been hurt? So I climbed over the rails, had brief eye contact with Taka and Tomoya which i appreaciated lmao and then ran to the back doors to meet molly who was a sobbing mess~ Ahh, what fun! 

Long story short, she was okay, we went back into the concert and managed to here the last few songs. It wasn't a horrible experience by any means, and we only missed about 2 songs so I wasn't upset at all. I actually really enjoyed my day despite the ups and downs lol. I also managed to catch TWO drumsticks which I took selfies with when I got home!!


And that's all! Hope you enjoyed this random account of my experience! The concert was actually a solid 10/10 in terms of performance, setlist and staging. The only downside I have is that they didn't play my ABSOLUTE favorite song "Fight the Night". I really wanted them too since that song means so much to me, but at the same time I feel like I would have cried for the rest of the concert if they did. 

On Day 10 I did absolutely nothing because I was so shattered from the concert lol. 

All is well. 

Come back soon for my other blogmas posts! 

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See you next time!


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