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Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!

Why hello everyone! 


I just wanted to start off by apologizing for leaving unannounced once again. Like last year, I couldn't keep up with blogmas!! There has been lots of things happening in my family at the moment, and I had to finish all my work before the holidays started, so I just couldn't find the time to post anything. 


I figured I would just post whenever I feel like it until 2016, so that I can get back into a decent schedule as the new year begins to get a fresh start. We can talk more about that later...


That's not what this post is about though!

Today marks the first day of Winter! Too celebrate, I figured that I would review the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of Autumn too see how far i've come. SO, Let's run through them! 

Learn My Theory. 
Failed. To be honest, I actually decided to put this off a little longer around November due to my college and uni courses having lots of due dates and deadlines for coursework and essays. I don't really know when I'm going to start learning it, but It will happen before I turn 19, I promise! 

Read at least 5 books.
Failed. Well, I read three books, not including the ones I had to read for my English Lit class, but a fail's a fail. In my defense, I did read a lot of manga and I read the news every day lmao 

One orange a day. 
Kinda-failed. What can I say, I don't like the taste of them lol. I only ate them in the mornings if I felt a cold coming on and that would keep the cold away on its own, so I didn't really need to eat them every day. 

Don't let illness affect education. 
Success. Honestly, the only thing that did affect my education was myself. There would be days where I just didn't want to go into college so I wouldn't, even if I was perfectly fine. It's bad I know, but it's been kinda rough for me lately so I lost motivation a lot. I managed to pick myself up a little bit though. 

Sell unwanted stuff 
SUCCESS. Finally lmao, I managed to sell everything surprisingly! I donated some of the games and clothes to charity and sold a few things on ebay. I was able to make a mere £17 from it all but it's all good! I celebrated and spent it on food lol. 

Watch a Kdrama
Failed. Honestly, there have been many that I wanted to watch this season. Sassy Go Go and Reply 1988 to name a few. I just haven't had the time and when I did have the time I was watching anime or youtubers. Maybe next year~ 

Have a general sleeping routine
50/50, I was able to keep a VERY good schedule were I was going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 6/7am. I did that for about a month until one day where I stayed up to watch a Game Show (those things where companies like Nintendo and Sony promote their games). It died completely after that..

Paint my room
Success! I painted them all because it all needed to be re-coated, not just the purple bit lol. Now it's all nice and plain and white, just how I like it! 

Exercise once a week
Surprisingly, Success! I managed to make a habit of doing a workout every Wednesday before I go off to college (because I start college later on that day), and then go jogging for half an hour during another day of the week. I'm thinking about getting a membership at the gym near my house but I'm still unsure. 

Make Sure I don't fall behind on school work 
SUCCESS WITH ALL BUT ONE! I kept up with literally all of my work except from this essay that was due in about 3 weeks ago.. I've only done half of it lol. I don't know why I've been putting it off for so long because it's so easy.. I should probably do it after writing this post.. (joke it wont happen)

Get my Christmas presents BEFORE the 20th December 
FAILED AND I'M STRESSING OUT SO MUCH ABOUT THIS ONE OMGGGG! This time though, it's completely not my fault. Obviously, I don't have a job right now so the only place I'm getting money from is my parents and they've left it up to the last minute to give me some money to buy presents for my friends. I'm actually going to Westfield later on today with my mum to get them all presents! 

Make Breakfast everyday
SUCCESS! I'm really happy about this one. I managed to make myself breakfast every day, and on days where I was in a rush, I would grad a breakfast bar or stop in my local cafe for breakfast. I baked a lot this autumn too so I had flapjacks, muffins and rolls to grab on my way out! 

Cook at least twice a week
Success! Another one I'm really happy about! Most of the time, my mum would be looking over my shoulder and telling me to "put this thing in too so its more spicy", but I did the majority of the cooking! I actually cooked for the last two days! On Sunday I had meatballs with mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli, and peppers, and today I was a little lazy so I just made a fry up (British way of saying, burgers, chips, eggs, bacon, hash browns, fish fingers, tomatoes and toast in the shortest way possible.. A fry up is literally a British breakfast (aka Full English), but for dinner!).

Get a temporary seasonal job
Success + Fail? I got a job at my local pet store for about two weeks, but I didn't technically get an actual seasonal temp job, so I guess this one is a 50/50 too. 

Pamper myself well! 
SUCCESS. I passed this one with flying colours lol. This Sunday just gone, I pampered myself on a whole new level! I woke up early so I could get work done by 12pm, and from then onward I was under my blankets watching Christmas movies with my mum. We cooked dinner and baked right after that, then sat back and watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians!! After that I watched some anime and jumped in a hot relaxing bath..... I shouldn't be telling you guys all of this lol, I'll leave that for another post wink wonk. 

And that's it! There were a few bumps here and there but I still think I did a semi-okay job! If I've learnt anything from setting myself these goals it's that; 

1) I don't push myself as much as I should  and 2) I procrastinate more than I should

That being said, I think that the me at the beginning of Autumn has evolved a lot to become what the me of today is now. There have been many things this autumn that I've had to overcome and I've learnt so much about myself and the people around me. I think, for all of it's ups and downs, Autumn of 2015 has changed me for the better. 

And that's all! 
Thanks for reading, I hope you're all enjoying your christmas break! 

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See you next time!


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