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100 Christmas themed post Idea's! (Blogmas Day 6)

Howdy y'all! 

lol I don't think I should ever say that again.. 

Sunday is coming to a close here in the UK and I should really be preparing for bed, but nope. I'm sitting here right now thinking about what type of post I can make for tomorrow Blogmas, and for the future ones to come. It's not easy you know, writing a post everyday for 25-30 days straight, but I'm taking the challenge anyway, so I've got to deliver, right? 

I've noticed that a lot of people seem to have trouble mixing their regular themed (lifestyle, beauty, gaming etc) posts with Christmas ones, so I figured that I could make a little list of Christmas themed posts so that I could look back on when I get stuck for ideas in the future, and hey! Why not show them all with you guys? SO! Here are 100, YES, 100 Idea's for your blog! I hope you all enjoy this list! 


- Favorite Christmas look (Makeup)
- Outfit of the Night (OOTN)
- Christmas Eve looks (Outfit and Makeup) 
- Favorite Christmas Jumper
- Show your collection of Christmas jumpers! 
- Go-to make up for Christmas/New Years
- Christmas themed Beauty Haul
- Winter Skincare routine
- Festive Outfit Lookbook
- Festive Get Ready With Me

- Christmas Wishlist 
- Decorating the house/tree
- Christmas Gift Guide for Him / Her / Best-friend / Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Mom / Dad / Cat / Etc
- Favorite Christmas tradition / movie / advert / tv show / 
- Christmas TAG
- Christmas themed Haul
- Secret Santa
- Festive Outing
- What's in my Advent Calendar
- Christmas Playlist

- Favorite Christmas Desert Recipe
- Family Christmas Recipe
- Christmas Cocktails
- 12 Days of Christmas (blog your day for 12 days!)
- Party Food Ideas
- Christmas Dinner Starter Ideas
- Healthy Christmas meals and snacks
- Cookies and Cakes recipe
- Hot Chocolate recipe
- Leftover Christmas dinner ideas

- Favorite Anime to watch in Winter
- Anime with the best Christmas scene's
- Favorite fall anime (fall anime season ends on the week of Christmas!)
- Top 10 Games you want for Christmas
- Anime you always watch during the Xmas season
- Guest post! Get someone to talk about their favorite anime!
- Winter Season Anime on your plan to watch list
- Three Anime Wishes for next year
- Three Gaming Wishes for next year
- Favorite Game/Anime related present you've received

DIY/How To's 
- Christmas Nail Art tutorial
- How to Survive Boxing Day/Xmas Eve sales
- How to Create the perfect Christmas stocking
- How to host the perfect Christmas Office Party
- How to Create the perfect Christmas Hamper
- How to Manage your time during the busy month of December
- DIY: Christmas Decorations
- Gift Wrapping tutorial
- DIY: Christmas Cards
- DIY: Advent Calendar

And why not have some End of year posts too?! 

End of Year 
- What I got for Christmas!
-Boxing day Shenanigans
- Favorite Bloggers
- Anime / TV Show / Youtuber of the year
- Top 10 favorite make up products
- Favorite place to visit 
- Get ready with me: New Years Eve!
- Recap of the year
- New Years Resolutions
- Blogging plans for next year


That's all of them!  I said 100....but If you stuck around until the end you would know that it was actually 110! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it helps you for when you get stuck on what to post for the next few weeks! I will most likely be looking back on this post to see what I can do and what I can show you all~ If you have any other ideas, leave me a comment down below and I'll add your idea to the list and credit you with a link to your blog!

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See you next time!


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