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Two new family members! (Blogmas Day 5)

Hello there! How's your day been so far? 
Today, the Kardashian/West family welcomed a new member to the family, Kim gave birth to a little boy! When I heard about it I was so happy haha, I can't wait for it to be shown on Season 1 or early Season 12 of KUWTK (which will definitely happen lol). 
They weren't the only people to welcome someone new to their family..

Recently, I went to the pet shop and... bought 2 baby sharks! I got them at my local pet shop when I went there to pick up some food for my turtles. I couldn't resist them so I just went ahead and did it lol. They have the biggest eyes (a lot bigger than my other fish) and they're really friendly with my other fish! I had to make sure that they didn't eat my fish before buying them and the shopkeeper said it was okay ("fish are friends, not food!" ) I didn't tell my mum until I got back with them in my hand.... She was surprised but admitted that they were cute so we could keep them! It was so hard to take a photo of them because they swim really fast! They will be having their first Christmas with us here, along with my two turtles which I got during the beginning of this year! 

I actually wanted to name my sharks but I've got no Idea what to call them.. The two guppies I have are called Bonnie and Clyde, the three goldfish are called the three wise men, the three extremely naughty big angry looking fish which I don't know the actual names of (lol) are called the three masons lmao, and my angel fish is called Yui! If you know what I could call the two sharks please let me know! I was thinking about calling them Mika and Yuu lol 

I decided to show you guys my cats while I was at it haha, the first one is Madison, we call her Mads because she's pretty crazy!! She's the younger cat at 3 years old! She causes a lot of trouble in the house and always misbehaves, but she's adorable so we just let her get on with it until she gets tired! The other cat is Tabitha, she's the older one and I've had her for about 8 years now. She's a lot more calm and obedient than Madison, and she's a little Regal at times.. she can be quite active when she wants to be though hehe~ She's my baby and I love her soooo much hehe <3 

So this year, I will be spending Christmas with my family + my two cats, two turtles and two baby sharks, along with my other fish! 
It's a full house this year!


That's all for today! Stop by later for Blogmas Day 6th (good lord it's going so fast already!!) 

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