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LUNCH! (Blogmas Day 4)

"Kimi e no Hello Hello Hello" ♪

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 4th day of Blogmas, although this is only my second Blogmas post haha~
How has your Friday been? hopefully it went well, if not, let's look forward to Saturday! 

Today was a really chilled out day for me, I woke up around 9am and got ready for college! My lessons today weren't too work based so I didn't really do much lol. I had a one-to-one session with my tutor (which I was 10 minutes late to..damn trains) to check on how well I was doing with grades and attendance, but we spent a lot of it talking about how we can't wait for Christmas lol. It was really fun! 

At lunch I went to Starbucks to get lunch with my friend and neighbor Fahima, I got a BLT, a Skinny Blueberry Muffin and a Iced Latte. Although it was freezing outside, I really wanted to have an Iced drink today... We have a mini Starbucks in my college, but the main one is in the town closest to the college and they have a wider range of drinks lol. The Starbucks in town set up a little Christmas display and I was really tempted to buy the little goodies for sale!

Back in college, I had to do an audio recording of my notes on a play called A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee William's, and I think me and my group did pretty well considering how unprepared we were lmao. We laughed a lot and had to re-record our parts when we made a mistake so it took us pretty much the whole lesson. ^^;

I went home after that, tidied my room a little and then caught up with vlogmas/blogmas posts and anime that I've missed during the week. So yeah, it's been pretty chilled heh! 

I took a picture of the sky on the way back to college, it's been a while since the sky has looked like this~

...That's it! Haha, Sorry it's so short, I had nothing prepared for today's post so I thought I'd let you all know how my day went ^^ 

Until the next post~! 

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