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Boy Groups to look out for in 2017


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Today I've had 3 cups of tea, and to be honest with you guys, I don't know if this was a bad decision on my part, but I can't find the heart to care? It's been so cold recently, and it's had a bit of an effect on my mood. Drinking tea helps me to relax I guess? I don't really know where I'm going with this 
In my last post I showed you my top 5 choices of girl groups (both korean and japanese) I think you should look out for this year, and in this post I'm going to show you the boys! I actually think this one was a lot harder for me, because there have been a lot of boy groups to debut last year that I honestly believe will make some really banging tracks later on this year, but I could only chose 5, so here we are! 

I hope you enjoy reading! Please listen to the songs too!

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Okay, I'm gonna start off by saying that tit was the biggest struggle to find a decent photo of all the members of NCT. Why? Because NCT is SM Entertainment's newest big boy group, but with a twist. SM's original idea for Super Junior was for it to be a rational group, with some members participating in songs, and others not, then rotating depending on the popularity of the member and the theme of the song. They scrapped the idea early on in SuJu's career, and tried to incorporate that into EXO's lineup (which also flopped), and finally decided to go all out with the idea with NCT. This idea is similar to EXILE TRIBE. As such, there are three groups within this one huge group (I hope you're all still following lol). NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. Each group provides a different concept, using members that best fit that concept, and promote together as a typical group would, while the other members go on to do solo activities such as modelling and acting. Since they're SM's newest creation, all eyes are on them this year to see how well they can do. The Song below is by the group NCT U, but I also recommend "Chewing Gum" by NCT Dream, it's super cute lol. The 7th Sense. 

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This is a group that I've enjoyed for....different reasons? As compared to other groups out there lol. All the members of this group are models, and have insanely good taste in fashion. While their vocals aren't the best (it's decent), their personalities, their enthusiasm as they perform, and their solo work in modelling, acting and presenting, are what captivates me about them. They're quite known to jpop fans who are into boy groups, like myself, but they aren't hugely known acts in the jpop world. If you were to airdrop them into Shibuya 109 or Harajuku however, fans will come in flock haha. They're very active with their fan interaction as well through social media, and especially love international fans comments, so if you love that type of fan-idol exchange, please follow them! The following song is called XXX.

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The Rampage (JPOP)
Ahh, The Rampage. Let. Me. Tell. You. How long i've been waiting for this group to debut. Coming from LDH, and being the newest group under the EXILE TRIBE roster, these boys have been training to make an impact from the get go. They were originally referred to as label mate Generations rivals back in 2014 when they were announced, but while we waited years for them to debut, Generations was becoming the new hottest boy band in japan. Three years later, and the group is ready to make their long awaited debut later on this month! They're a 16 member (yes, i know!) group that is hoped to be similar to that of Super Junior, but have the same cool image that their seniors in EXILE have.
I hope these boys gain a lot of popularity, and show the public how entertaining they can be! The song below is called "Lightning" and it's their debut song!

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LOL How many times do I talk about this group? They're on the rise yet I feel as if they're still so underrated man. They need the loving support. My babies Da-iCE (pronounced Dice), are a dance group that started off in 2011, but have recently risen to popularity in japan with their consistently good releases. They accomplished many great things last year. They gained their first number one album, sold the most copies ever with their single Paradive, had a solo hall tour, gain a ton of sponsors and CM deals, had a live performance in America, and announced a concert at the Budokan, a very prestigious hall in Japan that many artists aspire to perform in. Overall, they've had a very successful year, but I still don't believe that's all we're going to see of them. I see more people talking about them on twitter, more news articles and segments on Japanese tv shows, and more views on youtube, more than i ever imagined they could have. I know this isn't the end, and I'm so excited to see what else they come out with this year. Da-iCE have a wide range of song genre's that I wanted to include, but for the sake of this post, I'm posting their most recent full MV, a song called Koigokoro, a ballad song dedicated to fans. I do however, recommend you also listen to my favorites, Billion Dreams, HELLO, and Toki!

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Seventeen (KPOP)
Seventeen-teen-teen! Oh boy. I think, if there is any boy group other than Da-iCE that can even come close to the amount of love I have for SHINee, this would be the group. My little angels. I love them all haha. They're just the sweetest bunch of idols I've seen in a very long time. Probably one of the only recent kpop groups that have yet to do something problematic and not humbly apologize for it and actually learn from their mistake. One of the few groups who choreograph all their dances, write all their lyrics, and compose all their songs. One of the few groups who consistently perform unitedly, and doesn't feel like a bunch of individuals. One of the few groups to have a decent fandom that doesn't start fanwars (I'm looking at you, EXO-L and Army's). One of the only recent groups who have managed to bring my attention back to kpop boy groups that were not names SHINee and Infinite, when everything was starting to go stale. Needless to say, I love them. I adore them, honestly. They're so great. I don't want them to soar to popularity this year, but I do want them to steadily grow and achieve great things throughout this year, and show the industry that they're not just a trendy new act that will eventually lose steam. Pledis is finally back on track, with Seventeen sailing the ship. The song below is called Pretty U. I think the music video perfectly describes seventeen. 

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And that's all! Thanks again for reading this two part post, I hope you enjoyed it! Of all the groups that I listed, I'm currently listening to Keyakizaka46 and Da-iCE's songs the most. As for the groups not listed, well, I'm still pumping those SHINee songs lol.

Is there a group that you think I should look out for this year? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading! 

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