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As I'm writing this, I currently have around 3 weeks to complete my final year project for my degree, and yet I've only completed the research stages and barely begun production of any sort of scale. I'm starting to wonder if I'm truly cut out for this type of career, or if I've bitten more than I can chew. I wonder if others in my position previously went through the same issue's of procrastination I'm going through now, and if they have been successful in their careers. My uni doesn't really have creatives come in to tell us how much they sat around doing nothing until the last few moments before cracking down on their work. Most of them will say they worked non-stop to get to where they are today.

For me, procrastination is almost in my blood. Unfortunate but true, I just can't seem to find it in myself to produce work until time passes and I find myself frantically putting shit together to try to hand in on time. I can't be the only one who feels like this and yet I feel like I can't talk to my peers about it, because it seems like they're all working hard while I'm falling behind. But when I do open up and see what's going on around me, I see that everyone else is in the same position as me, barely scraping by with the minimal work they have. 

I guess that feeling that we're all struggling together helps a lot, and it kinda pushes me to work harder because I know that the others will get their work done on time. I know this because I'm just like them, I will panic in the last few weeks then bash out a bunch of work and get a good grade. Then I'll hit myself and wonder why I didn't work sooner, so that I wouldn't be as stressed out as I was during the last few weeks before hand in. I then promise myself I will never do this again, only to do the same thing when the next project comes around. 

This bondage I have with stress and last minute productions will eventually bite me in the ass, so if there is one thing I would like to learn in this lifetime, it's to find it within myself to not procrastinate in my work and do it on schedule so that I don't give myself anxiety attacks for leaving work until the last second.


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