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life lately ; 04 - obligatory pandemy post

It's been a while since I've written a little update on my life, and the NHS Test and Trace app told me to self isolate after potentially coming into contact with someone confirmed to have covid, so i've been forced to stay home the next 3 days, giving me ample time to write all the posts I had planned to publish this month but never got round to because I was simply enjoying the summer weather. Honestly, I've been enjoying this season the best I can, with social distancing guidelines still in place despite the so called "freedom day" as some would call it. I still believe the government should be telling us to be cautious rather than lifting all the restrictions while cases were still going up in the thousands, but what do I know? heh.. 

Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post. Actually, I've now graduated from university with a Upper Second Class Honours with A's in my dissertation and final major project, so I'm pretty damn well proud of myself! I've been spending the months of June and July relaxing, after what I can only describe my final year of university being a regrettable experience. More on that later. 

My boyfriend has been living with my family and I for the last month while he prepares for law school back in the US, and I've just been enjoying every moment I can have with him. Long distance is incredibly hard, so much more during a pandemic when your lovers country literally won't let you in lol. We're very fortunate that he could make it over and spend time together before he returns home. Unfortunately the US still has UK/EU citizens banned from travelling over there, so we're making the most of this time together (but as I type this, he's out Pokemon Go hunting rather than snuggling with me lmao). He leaves next week and I'm honestly feeling a little solemn as I don't really know when I'll next see him due to border restrictions and our schedules. I'm trying to keep hopeful though, and will probably book the first ticket to New York the second Biden gives me the go ahead.

In more pandemic news, last month I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine! My symptoms were honestly pretty shit, I had a sore arm for about 3 days, felt nauseous and very tired a couple hours after the jab. Despite that, I would 100% recommend getting it, my boyfriend caught covid earlier this year and is now fully vaccinated, but said the symptoms he got with the vaccine was miniscule compared to the actual thing, so i'll take his word for it. 


Shops have also started allowing customers to enter mask-less, so despite being vaccinated I still don't really feel as safe as a vulnerable asthmatic could feel while working in retail, but i'm hoping that with the second dose appointment being soon, I'll feel a lot safer sooner rather than later. The pandemic has actually made me re-evaluate my career and current work-life balance, so I've been highly considering leaving my job after I hit 5 years in a months time, or keep at it until the end of the year once I've secured a graduate job. We'll see.. 

One thing I will say, is that the pandemic has given me the opportunity to ground myself and understand who I am, love my body and person more, and take care of myself mentally and physically. I hate to say that I benefitted from the situation, but I do consider myself one of the lucky ones. I haven't lost anyone to covid, my friends and family are all healthy, and my job was secure while my other colleagues got let go. My uni experience was the only thing that was negatively impacted, but it's not something I'll really feel too hurt about. I plan on doing a masters degree so i'll have my graduation moment there hopefully. 

For now, I'm very happy with just taking life as it comes and powering up my energy levels before I take on a new career goal and start working at 100% again. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's totally okay to take breaks and chill for a bit, the world will not collapse if i'm not spending every second of my life working, so I'm learning to work at my own pace, a concept I probably would not have learnt to use if not for the pandemonium. Thanks I guess?

I appreciate the lessons, but I hope this will be the only pandemic I experience in my lifetime. 



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