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styling my work uniform

One of the best things for me as a fashion stylist is being able to work in an environment where I can wear anything I want. But it's also a detriment, because I find myself constantly planning outfits in my head for work, and my room is covered in clothes! 

My previous job had a uniform in place, so all I had to worry about was whether I had washed, ironed, and packed my clothes before throwing on my comfy joggers and jumper and heading to work. I wasn't able to wear colourful nails, and jewellery was a no go unless for religious purposes.

Since I work for a shoe shop, it's even more essential for me to consider how my outfits match with the shoes that I'm wearing, making sure the colour pallet is matching or that the clothes are complimenting the shoes and vice versa. My work uniform is to wear ANY shoe that's in season lmao so the possibilities are endless for the type of outfits I can come up with.

Sometimes I see new releases or shoes I really like and I think about what pieces of my wardrobe I would style the shoes with if I wore them to work. It's fun for me because sometimes I feel like I don't give myself time to be creative working two jobs. But then I realize I can literally utilize my job in this way to help me be more creative.

So here are a few fun little collage pieces I made to visualise how I would wear some pieces, alongside aesthetics for each of them, or the type of people I would see wearing the shoes (I would be all these types of people though lol). This isn't me promoting anything for work (but if any brands wanna sponsor me hmu lmao), I just love sneakers and styling and what I do for a living. Enjoy :)

Styling the Fila Heroics Gardenia
Ever since the dinosaur stompers that are the Fila Disruptors, I've always felt like the brand got some sort of bad rep as the shoes only teenage girls wear. But there's nothing wrong with the shoes at all, in fact they're one of my favourites because they're just so so comfy! Literally if I'm having a bad day and my plantar fasciitis is playing up, I'll throw on my fila ray's and crack on with the day. The new Fila Heroics Gardenia are so aesthetically pretty and I love staring at them! I would probably pair it with some high waisted flared jeans and a nice beige or nude coloured shirt. Gold accessories are a must to match the brown soles. I'm thinking a nice vanilla scented tone would complete this look so I'd go for my trusty Vanilla Sky perfume. 

Styling the Nike Dunk Low Easter 2022
These are literally THE cutest pair of Nike Dunk Low's I've ever seen? They knew exactly who they were marketing to with this one lol but I'm here for it! These give me kpop concert vibes haha but I find them so cute! I feel like this would be easy to style simply because all you really need is to match it with a nice pastel fit and you're good to go! I would go for either a pink/purple pastel shirt with a light pair of bottoms (no dark jeans!), or a simple casual look with a anime tee and light joggers. Tie up my hair and throw on my essential gold jewellery and keep the perfume fresh. Blanche by Byredo would be my pick. I find Dunks to be much comfier than Air Max's so I would be more than happy grab these if the resellers don't get their hands on it first. :')

Styling the New Balance Mr530
I know everyone is obsessed over the New Balance 327's right now but can we give a little love to New Balance's Mr530 here? The heel on this shoe is giving me so much joy and I know my feet will be happy wearing them! It's the ultimate dad looking shoe but this can be worn with almost anything and for any casual occasion. I would wear them with a nice cotton oversized shirt or jumper and some dark bottoms. Or I could wear an all white fit with a white anime tee, white oversized shirt on top, and baggy white trousers that sit just above the N logo. One ring and one dainty gold necklace will be enough, and probably my apple watch. This is like my go to work outfit lol.

Styling the Classic Crocs in the colour Beige/Cobblestone
If you saw my list of loves post you already know about how much I adore crocs after hating them for so long, and how I've been on the hunt for the beige cobblestone crocs for ages! I can finally say that I've got them since they came back in stock and I'm so excited for it! Crocs are honestly THE most comfiest footwear you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Since they're the definition of comfy I decided to go with that aesthetic, cozy study vibes. I would wear it with any cotton or wool material, anything breathable and non irritating. Cotton shirt with cotton trousers or a oversized jumper and skirt pairing. With some cute nude or white ankle socks. I might wear something strong like Aesop's Rozu, to compliment the soft appearance. I would swap out my jewellery for some wired headphones.

If you liked these collages and my styling idea's please leave me a comment below! How would you style these shoes? 


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