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life lately ; 09 - fluffy pancakes and achy feet

To say I've been pre-occupied would be an understatement, as my life has shifted pretty dramatically from having very chill days in, to working almost every day. Before I knew it, a month had gone by. So here is another life lately post filled with sporadic photo dumps, to catch you all up with what I've been up too for the month of march (if you haven't heard already from my twitter or seen updates on my Instagram stories). 



In my goals post I spoke about getting a role as a PR Intern, and while I learnt a few useful things like how to create a mailing list or a media kit, I don't believe the job itself challenged me or aided in my growth. I was told to do things, but not given any guidelines on how to do it. Everything I learnt was through them saying "do X task" and me spending hours searching on google and watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how to do the task, and then more hours doing said task. I spent way more hours than contracted for doing all of this, and it was all unpaid. 

I have to rant a little about this, but obviously due to the role being unpaid, I wasn't making any money. When asked why I missed out on a work event (literally going out for food and drinks), I explained my financial situation and was told they would "look into paying me", and then never heard from them again. No jobs to do, nothing. A month later, I received a message asking if I was free, but at this point I already had another job so just politely told them as such and left it at that. One thing I learnt from that experience is to really know your self worth and know when to stop working somewhere that isn't helping you. Also to avoid any company that says "we're like a family", because I know my mama wouldn't do that to me lmao.

While the experience wasn't great, it did show me that I can take on anything in my field even without the guidance of the company itself, and it allowed for me to have more confidence in my abilities, so I defeated the imposter syndrome I've had since graduation and applied for more roles that I once thought I was not yet qualified for. I ended up getting a job as a Brand Marketing Assistant for a really cute plant based bakery, and I've been working hard on growing their social media presence with campaigns and events to help the company grow. 


This may be a bit of an overkill, but I also got another job as a Visual Merchandiser and Supervisor at Office Shoes! At Disney I was doing the jobs that a VM and Supervisor would do, but I was still being paid a Sales Associates salary, so I'm glad that I'm able to be paid for the roles I'm doing now, and be working with a team of people who support me in my career aspirations. To work for a fashion brand that's trendy and constantly working on their ethics and sustainability fills me with pride! It makes me happy to be able to properly execute my skills in styling through this job.

While all of this was happening, I was also applying to university like crazy! While I know a masters degree isn't essential to be successful in my career, it's something that I've always wanted to do. To complete a masters would mean the world to me, and now I can happily say that I've been given the opportunity to achieve this goal, as I've received unconditional offers to study a Master of Science course in International Fashion Marketing! I was so over the moon to hear back from uni's and now I'm in a position where I'm trying to decide which one to go to. I'm heavily leaning towards Manchester right now as the opportunities for a career in fashion seems to be booming there. Everything seems to be falling into place.

I can confidently say that the last three months have been incredibly stressful, trying to secure a job in my field and grow within my career while feeling like the world was playing games with me and my mental health. However, I came out of it a much better person than I was a year ago, or even a month ago! I'm so much more prepared for the future, and I'm excited to see how far I can take myself in this career!



As exciting as this all is for me, I've gotta say my feet are fucking killing me lol. I've been up and about almost every single day, and working 60 hour weeks across both jobs. It's rough, but I'm enjoying myself and meeting new people and making new friends and connections. I'm experiencing something different and learning something new every day, and I'm just grateful for it all. 

On the few days I've had off (literally like 3 days lol), I've been spending time with my parents, watching my dad play poker or my mum gardening while I rest my feet and talk about my day. I've also been hanging out with my old co-workers from Disney, who honestly I now consider to be my closest friends. It's so nice to have people I still keep in touch with! After my shift I paid a visit to the store and everyone was so happy to see me, it made me feel really valued as a person. During one of my days out with them, I had the most delicious fluffy pancakes and walked around central London just enjoying the nice weather. 

📺 Watching 

Last Sunday I went to the pub to watch the first match of Formula One! I had no interest in watching it at the start but I never say no to hanging out in the pub with friends haha! By the last 5 laps however I was so engrossed and enjoying the race, I found myself rooting for drivers! When I got home in the evening, I saw the Formula 1 show on Netflix trending and started binging the episodes.. A few days and many Wikipedia searches later, I can now tell you about how it all works, who drives for which team, which team uses what manufactures engines, and talk your ear off about how Lewis was absolutely robbed during the 2021 final and how Red bull and Michael Masi were in cahoots to rig the win for Verstappen.

I've also been watching Season 4 of Attack on Titan! My new co-workers are all into anime too, so it's fun to listen to what they think will happen to Eren, because I've read the manga and already know how it ends. Some of them are really close to the answer, and others are really far off lol. The anime has been so thrilling to watch and the character development the main cast go through is impeccable! Even characters like Floch who I dislike have such great development that I can't help but appreciate the writing. The last few days we've all been debating whether the last part will be made into another 3rd part of the season, or turned into a movie instead. It's so surreal to see the anime finally coming to a close after all these years. It's been one hell of a ride!


🎧 Listening

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I'm a huge fan of idol groups, my favourite one for the last few years being Sakurazaka46, and they released the most beautiful music video for their new single Samidare yo I've had the MV and song on repeat literally all day every day since it's release! It's just so whimsical and pretty and the kind of aesthetic I like the most. I really recommend it! I'm sure any Demon Slayer fan has had Aimer's song on repeat since season two, and I'm one of them! I won't be surprised when I see this in the top 5 of my february Spotify playlist.

I've finally created and started adding music to my Spring playlist! I've gone for a mix of chill relaxing songs, and semi upbeat vibes for this playlist. Not as bold as my Summer playlist but something of a more vibrant version of my Autumn playlist. I cannot for the life of me think of a good name for the playlist, so it's simply 'SPRING!' for now lmao. I like for my playlists to have a similar theme, so winter is "Coffee with Gilmores", summer is "Vibes and Wine", and autumn is "Sad but Sweet". If you have a suggestion for the Spring playlist please comment below! 

As this is one of the few days off I have, I'm spending my time doing what I enjoy most, reading blog posts, catching up on tv shows and YouTube videos, writing my own posts, and simply relaxing my feet. I had a nice workout earlier in the day, and I feel like the energy I've gotten from recuperating today will help me during the weekend. :) 


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